in four months / 120 days & the berkat story

9 Jan means just four months (or 120 days) to 9 May, guys! ok clearly I’m so obsessed. I even asked ninja groom twice within the same night if I’ve already told him that my berkats arrived. lol. sorry lah I very excited you know.

but yes, my berkats are here. it’s so surreal! despite it sounding like very exciting news though, it doesn’t look as glam…

because this is what they look like right now.



heh. we are borrowing the space in the spare room of my brother’s flat. thank you brother!

berkat story: a tale of forks and spoons

so the adults’ berkat story is that my parents settled on a pair of fork and spoon from China. they had gone to Guangzhou in Dec and brought these back via freight. must use freight lah, of course. so heavy and bulky dey~!

sidetrack a bit. did you guys know that the import of forks and spoons is licensed by AVA? well, me neither! so back in Dec we ran into some paperwork hurdles trying to get that permit. our freight company at first quoted $150 to do it on our behalf. mama kraken, all gung-ho about saving this $150, approached my cousin who owns a food shop if we could leverage her AVA licence to apply for the import permit. she kindly agreed. so then I logged on to TradeNet to try apply for this permit, but was stumped! lol. I’ve never spent 2-3 minutes (note: this is a long time by website surfing standards yah) trying to figure out what to do. kauz. they asked for my username and password but I was like, what username and password? how to register? but no, no such registration link. it turns out that you have to log in with a Singpass. ohhhh. THEN SAY SO LAH!!!

the first time I complained to my mum, she said “you don’t know until you try.” *stabs own heart* the second time I complained then she relented on doing it via our freight company. turns out our volume is relatively low (what’s 1,000 pieces by industry standards eh?) so the charge was $80 instead. alhamdulilah! so worth the headache I tell ya.

back to berkat story. a week before my mum left for China, my parents went to joo chiat to do their research. cute and semangat jugak lah my parents. got to give them credit, given their old-ish age and all. they found a supplier for forks and spoons, who gave them a sense of the market price and options etc. but in China, they found forks and spoons that they liked better, so they got those instead.

a couple of days ago, I overheard my parents working out the total sums for the berkat. all in all, the price works out the same. haha. but mama kraken justified that at least the ones they got are what they really like, so she thinks it’s still a good deal.




what’s left is to embellish the berkats with customised stickers. mama kraken and I had a lengthy discussion on how best to decorate the box. initially I thought the boxes are pretty nice on their own and need no further decorating. but mama kraken the mama of kraken has ambitions. she wanted me to somehow add my name and ninja groom’s, and insisted on including a ribbon “because it’s a gift“. at first we didn’t want to use stickers for fear of damaging the box, and had some promising ideas that involved wrapping either a paper sash or a ribbon around the box. but then I realised that all our hard work will be for naught because people are going to remove our add-ons to open the box! heartbreaking kan? so anyway long story short, we agreed on printing stickers. I’ve already found a vendor. insyaAllah will share more on this after the stickers are ready.

wise words from my DIY Queen

so anyway, now that wedding preps are heating up, i’m observing something in me. each time mama kraken asks me to do something, my first reaction is defensive and goes like “aiyaaaah… tak payah lah” or “aiyaaaah… no need so soon lah”. but then i think wedding preps are kinda like training for a 10km run — you get what you put in. so i try to be more positive and think about the end results, and how when the wedding is over, i’ll look back and feel PUAS. this is what mama kraken has been telling me. she said when we look back, even if our own DIY work is senget-benget, we’ll feel a sense of satisfaction. so i’ll take her word for it and try to be hardworking about this all.

OH YA DID I MENTION THAT MY VENUE IS BOOKED?! so you can see why my excitement has gone up a few notches these days. well yes, alhamdulilah, my mum went down to make the payment earlier this week 🙂 🙂

i’m really happy with it because it’s where i grew up. like literally, cos i did my K2 there and also took creative writing and bengkel classes on weekends in pri school. my mum is also a grassroots volunteer there so i’m glad that her jasa/contributions over the years is helping us today, as we plan my wedding.

see, i like it so much i attempted my first ever adobe illustrator drawing just for it. i’m still a novice, so be a little kind ok. also the messy colouring is intentional, in case you’re wondering. “artistic direction”, namanya. ninja groom asked me *twice* what the beige building was. i know la it looks like a hen house without any windows (couldn’t deal.) but it’s legit part of the CC okaaay!


Original pic. (Source: Streetdirectory)

twcc icon

the icon in my DIY map – another story for another day? am late for my Simpang Bedok outing!


9 thoughts on “in four months / 120 days & the berkat story

  1. omgi used to go for bengkel here too in pri sch! haha. ps love the berkats. so pretty 🙂 excited for u loads must post pics after wedding so we can see ok 🙂

      • omg yes cikgu naim..haha..alamak. dnt tell me we may knw each other malay is so bad idk how i manage to teach malay lol…act i admire ur strength to b mysterious. i tried n failed..miserably

      • haha hmm but you’re a few years older so don’t think we were in the same class. my neighbour (who i was close to) is your age so perhaps you may have known her! ahhh you’re a malay teacher eh!!! wahhh.

        and ok i realise “anonymous” is a better word than mysterious. haha. no strength involved! :p

  2. Hi! If I may ask, how did you go about with arranging the freight from China to Sg? Cause I’m buying berkat (approx 1,700 pcs) from Malaysia and would like to know the weight of your package?? And to compare if courier services are cheaper or.. Freight, like what you did?

    Thanks in advance!

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