ROMM interview + KL trip

yesss, I mean, alhamdulilah we settled our ROMM interview earlier on Tuesday. I was going to take leave anyway so I could enjoy a longer break from work this New Year week, and my dad agreed to take afternoon leave too so that we could get the interview out of the way.

the night before our interview, ninja groom asked me a question that left me a little stumped: he asked if my mama kraken was coming. I was like, ah? it didn’t cross my mind to bring her along haha. to me this ROMM interview is just an admin/statutory process so no need ah. choosing and booking our kadi was way bigger a milestone for me.

in the end, my kpo 7 year old niece came along though.

I knew much earlier that I wouldn’t be the kind to be at the ROMM doorstep at 8.30am sharp. I’m not that much of a morning person, I guess.

the plan was to reach ROMM at 2pm ish but we ended up reaching at 2.50pm, hee! to prepare myself, I read ex-BTB posts so I would know what to do and expect. based on dellaire’s advice to go straight to the counter instead of ticketing machine, I rushed into the office the moment the glass doors parted. I was like doing an emergency scan – TICKETING MACHINE! NO! COUNTER! YES TO THE COUNTER! – and rushed (actually it’s a few short steps away only la hahah) there. but all that for naught. the counter lady was attending to another man so I still had to wait and there was no other Muslim couple who arrived same time as us, so really, I was only competing with my inner kraken at most. tetiaow.

there were two couples ahead of us but alhamdulilah, our timing was swee cos the first couple was already at the interview room stage and the second couple was already at the data verification stage. anyway not much comments on the entire process, it’s everything as others have described it to be. the kadi who interviewed us was Uztaz Karim Ahmad, a kind and gentle man.

i found the process not scary at all. We Nak Kahwin was totally right in saying the queue number bell in the waiting was really loud and startling though! haha.

later ninja groom and I teased my niece by telling her that the counter lady had asked us who the little girl was and what happened to her (missing) front teeth. lol.

after we were done with the interviews, we took a quick pic at the two hearts, with halal distance no less. in front of daddykins and my 7 year old niece mah! must reflect well you know :p

two bits of info which I think might be useful to note:

1. a $100 fee is payable to the kadi on the actual day, for his transport and services.

2. changes to the booking details can be made at $15 per transaction, and can be made online up to two weeks before your wedding date. any changes later than that (e.g. witnesses cannot attend due to unforeseen circumstances) have to be made manually i.e. we gotta go down to ROMM again.

actually no 1 contradicts a bit with our friend’s account of how he had to help fetch the kadi for his brother’s or was it his cousin’s nikah. so all along ninja groom and I have had the impression that there should be a designated driver to help fetch our kadi from his prior appointment. I double checked with the counter lady who said no need, the kadi will make his own way, that is what the $100 is for. so we were like ooh, okay!

we were in and out of ROMM within half an hour. wasted our carpark coupon only cos we had put for 1h!

quick update on KL trip – vendeur festival

ok jump topic sikit.

remember how I vowed about staying away from fuzana mokhtaza’s IG? well I totally lied because I checked it again (and again) and found out that she was participating in the vendeur festival at the KL matrade (our singapore expo, senang kata) over the 27-28 Dec weekend.

I was planning to go anyway, after seeing that TudungPeople and ShawlbyVSnow were also participating. cuma sayang that this year CalaQisya wasn’t there. if my memory serves me right, they had participated in last year’s festival which was held at a different location. there was a massive human jam, and the CQ owners were bingit/worried about safety, so they decided to sit out of this year’s. a waste, because this year’s looked like it was better organised! they had 3 halls, with the typical booth frames that we see at expos. the crowd size was not too big, too.

so anyway, FM posted that some of her RTW engagement/bridal pieces would be on sale! me being gatal, wanted to check it out to see if I still stood some chance lah.


@fuzanamokhtaza: We’re pleased to announce that we will bring out our #FuzanaMokhtazaBridal collection at Vendeur Festival 3.0 this 27 & 28th December 2014! **Limited pieces available (suitable for engagement, aqad nikah & wedding reception) with a very good discounts! 

I went on Sunday (ie second day), and unfortch only 2-3 pieces were left. nothing that caught my fancy. plus one of them was going for RM1,500 so I was like *gulp* there were also Hari Raya-ish outfits for sale. there was a gorgeous turquoise songket, like really really gorgeous, buuuut so sad that it wasn’t my size!

it felt like I went crazy shopping but actually my haul was ok ok aje lah. among the things I bought was a jubah with the embellished sleeves — which is all the rage among Malaysian blog shops these days — and also another jubah with a heavily sequinned panel. would have bought more dresses but I tried to hold myself back and ask if I could reaaally see myself wear these pieces. a change from my usual careless beli, beli, beli aje shopping style.

funny thing was that my mum told me to better buy lots of nice clothes because “once you dah kahwin, you pergi kerja kena ada seri sikit” and how “bila you dah bersuami, you kena tunggu untuk dia sebelum you boleh jalan2 gi KL”. I was like oof, reality. technically ninja groom doesn’t work office hours because he’s a financial planner so his schedule is more flexible, but ok lah can’t say. if business is flourishing then his weekends and public holidays could be busier too. insyaAllah.

then my friend and I had some trouble getting out of the place. i thought we could maybe take a bus to LRT (what the website said!) or hail a cab, but the info counter staff told us that it would be a far walk to the bus stop and main road. so we asked if they could help us call a cab but they said they didn’t know the taxi booking number. then I asked if they could help google for it, but they said inside the building got poor internet connection. kaoz! not very helpful yah. one girl even asked me to call a friend to help google for the taxi booking number. I was like kita takde kawan kat sini. she said ah, awak dari mana? dari singapore. ohhh dari singapore… (silence). another girl tried to help check online on her phone but gave up after she couldn’t connect. they also recommended that we use MyTeksi (their versh of GrabTaxi) but we didn’t want to spend on data plans just for this yo. finally someone suggested that we call the operator and ask to be transferred to a taxi booking line.

later on one of the guys turned out to be quite sweet though. he was having a smoke outside and jumped up when he saw us leaving to ask if we had figured it out already. he had downloaded the MyTeksi app for us but he didn’t know how to use it. neither did we. we looked up and saw a cab within the carpark and said we would try our luck there instead. lucky indeedy we were, because we totally hijacked a cab which already had two girls inside. haha!

so we saw the cab approaching and flagged it desperately. the taxi driver rolled down his window to say I dunno what – wasn’t really paying attention. immediately I blurted “bang boleh tumpang??? kita nak pergi masjid India.” he said ok and wahhh me and my friend, like lightning speed, jumped into the cab sia hahah. thankful for Malaysian culture that makes it somewhat okay to do this :p when ninja groom heard my story he was like “bagus eh korang?” eh, mesti ah, desperate bro!

so that’s the KL story lah. apart from tailoring the tanjak, I didn’t get any wedding-related stuff done. my mum had initially wanted to buy the silver/gold terima kasih kind of stickers but I wasn’t too keen. I also didn’t send any raya clothes for tailoring this time cos insyaAllah I plan to get Upik to sew one and then buy a matchy2 RTW one with ninja groom next year. next time if I’m in KL and there’s another major blogshop fest, I would love to go again because the selection was pretty good! we easily spent our whole afternoon there. but next time will have a taxi driver’s number in hand ah.


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