two thousand fifteen

its 2015

here’s wishing fellow BTBs a happy, happy new year 🙂 may Allah swt ease our affairs; bless our marriages with love and abundance; and protect us and our loved ones so that our weddings can truly be a joyous occasion for each of us.

dah 2015 seh! alhamdulilah. 


5 thoughts on “two thousand fifteen

  1. Amin.

    The year is here! May Allah SWT bless u n ninja groom n families with ease and a blessed wedding n marriage. ❤

    Its cominggg! Whoop whoop! Exciting kan..hehe Sorry babe..tenga hyper sikit lol.

      • Lol..if only we hav a pa who cn juz do everything for us. Bt i thnk just hv fun with the process..wadever we cn do early2 do(make use of all the public hols). Insya Allah no problems. We can do this *hugs*

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