what time is it? it’s tanjak time!

alright, so to continue the updates on tailoring my own songket, ninja groom’s tanjak (headgear) has been sent to the tailor! i was in KL over the weekend, so i brought the little square-ish shaped cloth to the same shop where we bought the kain from, to have the tanjak made.

for some reason, i recall there being lots of types of tanjak-s during our first visit to the shop. however, when i was back there again, i realised there were only two types of folds/designs among the many displayed. it’s just that the shop displayed tanjak-s in many different colours which is maybe why it looked like there were so many different options to choose from. chet! cheat my feelings.

so the two options i had were: tanjak negeri sembilan (the common one in Singapore, i thiiink?) and tanjak negeri selangor (if i heard the guy right!!!).

tanjak negeri sembilan, also known as Destar Dendam Tak Sudah (not kidding! nama best eh?) (source: mutaqinqubra96)

tanjak negeri selangor, also known as Tengkolok Belalai Gajah (source: mutaqinqubra96)

[note: tanjak, tengkolok, and destar are the same things. something new learnt!]

i was quoted RM50 for Dendam Tak Sudah (switched to its precise name since it’s so much cooler) and RM80 for Belalai Gajah. see the thing is that the height difference between ninja groom and me isn’t that big. but i mentel, insist on wearing heels. so i thought of going for the latter so that it would give him a lil height booster, lulz. also, to me it was something different, and you know how we mentel BTBs just want to do something different sometimes.

however my two shopping partners, one of which was my 7 year old niece, preferred Dendam Tak Sudah so i went with that instead. it takes only 3 working days for it to be ready but alas my trip wasn’t long enough, so i think we’ll probably collect it in Feb/Mar, insyaAllah.

i was supposed to also get the shop to make his bengkung but unfortch i think we had accidentally passed the bengkung cloth to Upik, so we’ll have to figure something else for that.

if anyone’s interested in the shop, the address is below. it’s in Plaza City One (a small mall), down the street from Semua House in Masjid India 🙂

Mina Enterprises (M) Sdn Bhd
No G5, Plaza City One, Jalan Munshi Abdullah
50100 Kuala Lumpur

while i was googling for tanjak pics, i learnt that there are so many other types of tanjak-s, and that there are specialised tanjak-makers out there. if i had a kampong or ancestors in Malaysia, i would have followed my raja’s style just for the fun of it. but my family doesn’t have ties to any Malaysian kampong, only an Indonesian one, so i don’t feel any motivation to follow a particular state. sayang!

further reading

also, if anyone’s interested to read up or see see pics of the different types of tanjak-s, here are three educational blog posts that i found:
1. Saudagar Tekua – Jenis-jenis Ikatan Tanjak, Destar, Tengkolok
2. mutaqinqubra96 – Tengkolok Raja2 Melayu
3. Mimbarkata – Jejak dan Warisan: Tanjak Melayu



  1. undercoverbride · December 31, 2014

    Nama tanjak2 ni…. Fuh! Hahaha!

    • the wedding kraken · December 31, 2014

      haha yeah got one called “ayam payah kepak” also lulz. i guess the designer was very imaginative.

      i think the destar belah mumbang has a cute design and will be a good height booster:

      oh yah and this Plaza City One place is where i got my nikah cushion btw!

    • the wedding kraken · December 31, 2014

      alamak HTML no working. here’s the (link to the) pic i intended to insert:

      • undercoverbride · December 31, 2014

        Fuiyo! Tinggi ni! Definitely temporary height booster.

        And you still remember my kemarukness (though I think the kemarukness dah tak exist for now) for the nikah cushion 😂

      • the wedding kraken · December 31, 2014

        KL dekat je sis. in case you intend to go again :p collect baju ke. i even took a pic of the mall for you!

        btw my initial comment ada typo. it should be patah kepak, not payah kepak! mintak paiseh.

  2. thelastrosepetal · January 1, 2015

    I like how Dendam Tak Sudah looks! 🙂

    • the wedding kraken · January 1, 2015

      yups it’s got clean lines, compared to the other folds. and it looks even better with a brooch on!

  3. Nur Khayra Khairani · July 20

    can i know the step to folded of destar belalai gajah because i had one competition which is i need to make tengkolok

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