bridal briefs and visiting the zen garden

I hereby ban myself from @fuzanamokhtaza‘s Instagram. cos there’s only so much eye candy I can take… all those pics of pretty lace and beads makes me geram!

now that we are less than 5 months away, the wedding interest is coming back. you know it’s like in the beginning you’re really semangat because you’re researching and comparing and booking vendors and talking about weddings 24/7 etc, and then the interest wanes in the middle because there’s nothing much to do once the major vendors are secured… and now that it’s time to slowly firm up details, the interest is starting up again. in other words, the kraken is slowly awakening. also coming back is my wedding nafs… and by that I mean the daydreaming about wedding details and subsequently feeling the desire to splurge! hee.

so back to Fuzana Mokhtaza, I contacted her team to ask for customisation rates. an evening dress is out of the question because I’m already tailoring my songket and I’m getting a 2-outfit package from my bridal, so the bills will be too high if I add on a designer dress. a custom baju kurung starts from RM 550 which is not too bad I thought… but at a time when I’m digging for money to pump into my more-expensive-than-expected honeymoon, I have decided to forego it. I also asked mama kraken for her opinion, and she affirmed that yah no need to get another tailor made baju lah. a sensible decision but I’m feeling sad nonetheless 😦 I super love FM’s finishing but ok ok there’s still honeymoon and reno and home furnishing. big picture, big picture. (don’t mind my inner pep talk)

importance of having a bridal brief

I was thinking about two bride-friends who were made up by the same MUA. bride A is of Indian descent. unsure whether the usual “Melayu” make up would suit her, she went out to find sample pics of looks that she liked and showed them to the mak andam. the results: bride A looked great! her make up accentuated her deep set eyes and strong features, and the choice of colours complimented her skin tone, just like in the pics that she had shown.

bride B is a chillax bride who was easy going on her vendors, including her mak andam. she left it all up to her mak andam to make her look pretty and decide what look would go best with all of her chosen outfits. the results: bride B looked good but I felt that the mak andam could have been pushed to do something more wowzers. cos she is definitely talented.

I thought about it and wondered whether it’s better to give vendors a bit more direction. maybe when clients don’t give enough directions, vendors are left to second guess on what they think the clients want. like in this case I wondered whether bride A’s sample pics had given the mak andam something to work towards, whereas for bride B she didn’t really have a clearly defined objective. “make me look pretty” is as general as it gets. even though vendors are supposed to be the experts, some scope could help them focus on giving us their best.

the kraken’s brief

so I stalked my bridal’s FB in an attempt to put together my brief. but then I realised that they generally have a standard tried-and-tested formula which works, so macam waste effort aje nak buat brief! but since dah buat pun, I’ll just share them here.

nikah – natural and dewy


(pics from IshQ by Nora Zee FB)

ah, the classic natural, glowy, dewy nikah look from ishQ. super tried and tested but perfectly fine with me… can’t wait!



(pics from IshQ by Nora Zee FB)

ok this moodboard is a bit of a fail because…everyone looks different! lulz. obviously I can’t make up my mind. I love the strong eyes of top left, the sweet natural look that is not commonly seen with songkets for bottom left, and the sweetness and freshness of bottom right. so I conclude that maybe I’ll show her top right cos it’s almost sorta like a combi of all the traits that I like.

generally I find that songket outfits tend to be a highlight on their own which is maybe why I’ve never really noticed make up styles and / or thought about what look I want to go with mine.

evening look


(pics from IshQ by Nora Zee FB and PopSugar)

most exciting of all three looks. just to clarify that I didn’t put Taylor Swift’s pic to troll ok! but cos I super love the red lipstick look. I googled for “Taylor Swift red lipstick” and there were so many nice images so I just picked this one. but you get the gist. as someone who’s always mistaken for looking younger (maybe at some point it will be a blessing, but most parts it’s been…annoying?) I hope that ishQ can make me look like a…WOMAN. kan, kena caps semua.

embracing the truth…of repeated outfits

I was whining to a fellow BTB for the umpteenth time about the repeated outfits…especially the pink kurung…when I decided that you know what. I should just be zen about it and accept it. cos there’s nothing much I can do about it unless I customise another outfit. but at a time when the kraken is waking up again, I can think of 374,859 competing uses for the moolah, so nahhh. be a good repeated outfit wearer I shall be. insyaAllah.

if I could replan my bridal, I would definitely do it differently. I would do it in such a way that I still have some budget to customise an outfit with a Malaysian designer. alas, it’s too late for that now, so swim on we shall. looking forward to my outfit selection appointment, whenever that will be!


5 thoughts on “bridal briefs and visiting the zen garden

  1. Who doesn’t love FM!!!!!!!! She’s doing both my customized outfits! I’d say go for it tho. You can tell her your actual budget and she’ll work within it. But if you’re the non-fussy kind like me, I’m leaving everything up to her except for the colors la. Go for it babe! Else, you’ll keep dreaming abt it.

  2. Coughs “customize in sg but using the designs u like lol.”

    I feel ya babe. I also unfollowed due to the temptation. Too lawa..and the design I nak…thousands lol. Insya Allah by the time its ur turn ur bridal ada more stuff..

  3. haha idea, idea! fuzana seems to have carved out her own niche in giving pretty finishing… might be hard to imitate. my bandung tailor has his own flair with lace sooo hopefully he gives my outfit a good finishing touch too. insyaAllah kalau im so lucky eh.

    ^5 stay away from temptation, we must! and thank you, i hope so too…!

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