booking airbnb for our honeymoon

we’ve been more focused on planning our honeymoon these days and eeks, it’s costing more than we budgeted / hoped for :/ I suppose it calls for discipline to stick to my budget, but a small part of me can’t help but whine “but it’s our honeymooooon, of course we deserve the nice room with the nice view…” such a dilemma between giving ourselves a good honeymoon experience and managing our finances.

but anyway.

booking airbnb

we are booking airbnb in two of the cities we are visiting. let me guess… some of you reading this might cringe and think “airbnb for honeymoon?!” assuming we have the same train of thoughts about spending your honeymoon in someone’s apartment…

I got over my psychological barrier when I browsed through the listings and realised that many of these hosts operate like business owners. most have a check in / check out system, provide towels and linen, and get a cleaner to help them (though we end up paying for cleaning fees). in other words, it’s more or less a business transaction with these apartment owners. it’s not built on as much goodwill as it is for say, couch surfing.

I love the airbnb website cos it’s pretty user friendly and forward looking, with a clean layout, splash videos, etc. you think it’s just an image of a house when suddenly someone starts walking up the stairs.

with airbnb, we save a bit on accommodation. granted it’s not like, dirt cheap since we’re renting entire apartments (as opposed to private rooms), but it’s cheaper than staying in a nice-ish hotel. and we get to step local people in the neighbourhood…excited!

our picks

these are our two picks. the way airbnb works is that when you find a listing you like, you click “request to book” and enter your credit card details. hosts have 24h to accept or decline your request. only after they’ve accepted the request will your CC be charged.

I was a little worried that we would get turned down cos of my hijab. I used a hijab photo for my profile photo so hosts know upfront we’re a Muslim couple. erm, you know, in case they have prejudice. alhamdulilah our two hosts accepted our applications without any fusses, so phew! so far they seem like pretty lovely people in our brief correspondence, so hope we’ll have good interactions with them once we meet them.

Brooklyn, NYC





(source: airbnb)

insyaAllah, this will be our temporary humble abode in Brooklyn, NYC. I actually wanted to stay in a brownstone… brownstones are the red/brown historical apartment blocks in NYC that we often see in movies and Sesame Street (lol).


(source: airbnb)

the first application we put in was for a small cosy brownstone apmt, but the host didn’t respond within 24h so the booking fell thru. our second choice was the above listing which we thought had relatively nice furnishing. maybe it’s the photo taking but some of the other apartments look a bit… berlapok. this one also has tons of good reviews for the apartment and hosts, so that was more assuring. it’s not in a brownstone complex although the owner explained that the layout is similar to one. oh well! I think it’ll be awesome nonetheless.




our Boston apartment is a loft, the fourth and top floor of what we refer to as a bungalow here. am loving the slanted ceilings and roof windowsss… so jakun please. this one is a bit more restrictive in that we’re asked to be quiet after 10pm especially since we will share the front door with the host couple, and we have to pay $10 to use their kitchen. um, ok. but they serve free breakfast so hope that makes up for the above house rules.

we’re left with booking two more hotels for rest of the trip, and then I think we can rest from honeymoon planning. USD is rising, so I feel like I’d better book them now in case they rise even further. after this I’d better focus back on my room makeover, continue my wedding invite designing, and march on with my ngaji. starting to feel some pressure from the the to-do list…!


  1. doublefs · December 15, 2014

    Hey airbnb is quite cool! I’ve been using them quite often when I travel. Gotta read all the reviews to make sure u get the good ones though.

    By the way, there’s a way to save for this. A bit troublesome.. But you can save! This works if you have multiple email addresses. You invite the other emails that you have. For every invite, that new invitee gets $33! So let’s say email A invites B, you book with B account, you’ll save $33!
    Then u try booking with new invitee email C, you get another $33 credit with that new booking! Hehe.

    • the wedding kraken · December 15, 2014

      haha oh yes i saw the $33 thingie. i din think of using my other email address… should have eh. i did use some ocbc $50 promo i saw on FB though.

      it seems like ratings tend to be high there… banyak 4.5 and 5 stars. which cities did you use them in? šŸ™‚

      • doublefs · December 15, 2014

        I used them for US before.. Like NYC, LA and San Fran.. People were really nice. They have to be I think, cos they’re afraid of bad reviews. I think if you mention you’re on honeymoon, theyll be extra nice. Somehow the word honeymoon makes people go all gooey and be nicer.. Haha! Im also hoping that the word honeymoon can bump us up to business class for flight when we check in (perasan la but mane tau no harm trying hehe)
        N cool! I didnt know of the ocbc $50 promo! Shall check that out.. Thanks!! šŸ™‚

      • the wedding kraken · December 15, 2014

        ooh nice! where did you stay in nyc? didja get a brownstone??!! hmm i feel segan mentioning that im on honeymoon to these airbnb-ers actually :p if hotel then can ah.

        and yes try the honeymoon biz class thing! ninja groom wanted to try also. plus points if you gonna check in with full inai haha

      • doublefs · December 17, 2014

        Stayed in brooklyn and somewhere near jfk airport for a night. Sadly i didnt get a brownstone šŸ˜¦

  2. scootaway · December 15, 2014

    Mad love for the brooklyn apartment!!!

    • the wedding kraken · December 15, 2014

      hehe yay same taste! it’s one of the best bedrooms I saw šŸ™‚ looks cosy, hope it really is IRL!

  3. sugarfreevani11a · December 16, 2014

    So lawa! I love the brookln one!i thnk Insya Allah u wnt hv to worry abt prejudice. Cos smtymz media suka hype negative. My mum has been travelling arnd europe in hijab alone n no issues. In fact the people r nice esp in london n paris. Dnt worry too much.

    • the wedding kraken · December 16, 2014

      insyaAllah, i hope everything will be fine too. it’s true that media sensationalism doesnt help. i also have a close friend in the security industry who’s super cautious about travelling with hijab (job hazard!) which also doesnt help :/

      but i’ve heard that NYC is diverse so yeah im probably worrying too much… appreciate your assurance babe šŸ™‚ i must think positive!

  4. Amanina Nur'iffah · December 16, 2014

    Airbnb rocks lah especially if you get the entire apartment to yourself. I mentioned that I was on my honeymoon and the hosts prepared a list of romantic places/restaurants to dine at when we first reached!

    I don’t give a rat’s ass when people say aiyer honeymoon also must budget. Some of the apartments I’ve stayed in are super beautiful and more convenient than hotels. Plus it leaves you with more money to splurge on other things since you’ll be out exploring the whole day anyway. It just has to be clean and have a REAL bed as some apartments only provide pull out. I haven’t experienced this personally but my cousin advised to do a check through the apartment in case anything rosak. Take pictures of major damages just in case the host tries to be funny and want to accuse you of damaging their property.

    The business class check-in one boleh try ah but I’ve only had luck with that once because I looked like a sad child traveling from SG to San Fran on my own. But SO FUN. I wished I could plan another honeymoon again!

    • the wedding kraken · December 16, 2014

      haha oooh then i shall casually mention the honeymoon part closer to the actual dates šŸ™‚ am slowly warming up to airbnb!

      agree, some apartments can give a different / better experience than hotels. for me i love being part of a real neighbourhood rather than a tourist district…lets you get to know a city better. thanks for the tip, we’ll do that just in case.

      i hope you’ll always have fun vacations together with zuhri to plan for, insyaAllah!

  5. ez.eman · December 17, 2014

    I think it’s perfectly fine to use airbnb for honeymoon! So many nice and interesting apartments and if you can save some money compared to a hotel, why not right?
    And NY! I’m so jelly! Haha have an awesome time!

    • the wedding kraken · December 17, 2014

      hehe yay, I’m glad you agree! and yeah, it’s so intriguing looking at other countries’ apartments. even the Japanese and Korean apartments have their own distinct feel.. seems like another good way to learn more about a city / country šŸ™‚

      hehe yes alhamdulilah šŸ™‚ our pockets will bleed but NYC has been on my city crush list so insyaAllah it will be worth every penny. read your blog and saw that you went to Amsterdam! ahh lucky you… I’m guessing Dutch apartments are gorgeous too?

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