150 days: booking our kadi


it’s here, it’s here! our 150 days mark is here! I still remember blogging about how we were left with 9 months and feeling excited that it was down to a single digit. now we’re down to 5 months…can count on one hand uolls!

I suppose the next 150 days will fly by? I still remember some ex-BTBs reaching their 150 days mark and then what do you know, they’ve been married…for weeks now! though the wedding still feels not soon enough, I guess when I’m down to 100, 50, 5 days, I might look back at this entry and think gurrrrl you should have appreciated that you had 150 days left…

nominating our saksi / witnesses

before wedding planning started furrealz, I had daydreamed about approaching a particular cousin whom I thought could be my saksi. although he’s my cousin by family tree, he’s about 30 years older. growing up, I remember him being a jovial and likeable relative and I used to really look forward to playing with his kids, who are about 4-8 years younger than me.

back then, I thought it would be nice to send him an “invite”– a postcard with an eyeglass and the question “will you be my saksi?” lol. semangat eh. but yah in my dreams only lah, because the truth is that when wedding planning became real, I did feel a tad malas. there are so many other things to do…no time for fluff 😦

and also when I brought up the idea of asking him to be my saksi, mama kraken said something along the lines of “kenapa cari jauh-jauh? suruh [older brother] aje lah” TING! oh a’ah eh. it was a lightbulb moment for me.

so that was that. I casually asked my brother bear one day, who said ok and smsed me his NRIC immediately. settled.

the other saksi is ninja groom’s brother. senang!

ninja groom and I had earlier discussed on which sides the two saksi should come from. then we recalled four weddings where we knew the couple well enough to know who the witnesses were to them. out of the four, three of them had both witnesses coming from the girl’s side. but then two of them involved ang moh grooms so macam skewed sikit lah, haha. in the end we decided to copy the one wedding where the couple got each their brothers to be their witnesses. mama ninja did ask ninja groom whether both saksi should come from my side. I think there are no prescribed guidelines on this? anyway I’m glad that in the end we’re going ahead with one from each side cos firstly, both sides are “represented”. secondly, it’s nice that we are both leaning on our brothers. and thirdly, I was relieved that I didn’t have to think about who to approach for a second saksi :p

booking our kadi – $39

and now the more exciting part. in spirit of being less of a queen control, I gave ninja groom the full honours of choosing our kadi. since in the end it’s gonna be him facing our kadi, anyway. so I didn’t research much on kadis much…only up till last week when I watched some kadi videos on Kahwin Khronicles heh heh. (such a good resource!)

ninja groom’s criteria is that the tok kadi should be someone funny and relaxed, who will put him at ease. he narrowed down to Naib Kadi Hassan and Naib Kadi Ismail. he likes how Uztaz Hassan once cutely put up both hands and told the room (something along the lines of) “sebenarnya awak semua boleh jadi saksi eh, bukan dua orang sahaja”. and as for Uztaz Ismail, we saw him conduct a solemnisation in English before and he was all cool, fast and easy breezy with it. sempat suruh the bride and the witnesses to pose with thumbs up all. also I find that his air muka is so kind and peaceful… important to us!

to prepare for 11 Dec, I passed ninja groom an Excel sheet with all the necessary details (e.g names and NRIC of both of us, my dad, our brothers; nikah date, time and venue; mahr and hantaran) so that he could easily copy and paste the inputs into the form. my venue is a $15 gamble — we’ve not paid the deposit for the CC although the staff assured us that it’s ours on 9 May. they’re tied up now so we’ll go back in Jan 2015 to place the deposit.

I suggested to ninja groom to call the kadi(s) and let them know of his intention to book them, in case they’re the sort who only opens up slots on demand. this kind of thing we won’t really know until it’s time to book, kan. but he was a bit reluctant to call and decided to leave it to fate. mmkay.

then I also suggested — so much for not being queen control eh! — that he logs in at 12am sharp. but then I also did wonder out loud if it’s really necessary to do so, and if it’s just a BTB blogger thing to be so *prompt* in registering. so again he dismissed my idea and said he would register later in the day instead. so again I was like mmkay, tak boleh paksa kan? any more pressure and he might snap and ask me to do the registration myself. I dowan!

so then this boy logged in at 1.03am…and had some trouble booking Kadi Hassan for 11am! he whatsapped and called me but I was like half asleep plus I’ve never seen the portal so I also couldn’t be much help lol. I might have irritated him, even.

“I don’t see 11am, only 10am and 12pm!”
“ha….someone booked him already?”
“maybe they do two hour blocks”
“but there are people who get married at 11am!”
“ah uztaz ismail is available at 11am”
“ah then book him lah” [secretly very happy, cos Uzt Ismail is my first choice] *goes back to sleep*

later I had nightmares about not being able to register our marriage application, yunno. apparently the odd hour bookings eg 9am, 11am were not available for a lot of the kadis :/ not sure why, could 11am be a super popular nikah time?

in the end, we got Uztaz Ismail. yay alhamdulilah 🙂 I’m mighty pleased, hehe. hope everything goes smoothly and as planned, insyaAllah.

our kadi (insyaAllah) in action

p.s. Tampines can be the unofficial Kadi Town. quite a lot of kadis live there, including ours. halal high 5!

p.p.s I always thought it was cincin “belian” and not “beRlian”! think we Malays gotta start rrrolling our Rs so the uninitiated such as myself know that it’s cincin berrrlian and not beli-an!

p.p.p.s the ROMM website “works best” in IE, but you can still use other browsers, as ninja groom did.


  1. Norah · December 12, 2014

    As salam dear 🙂
    just happened to read ur blog, so interesting….don mind eh, I link u up…
    All the best for your preparation!!

    • the wedding kraken · December 12, 2014

      salam norah! thanks for dropping by my humble blog hee. insyaAllah I will link ya back. all the best for your wedding preps too! 🙂

  2. sugarfreevani11a · December 12, 2014

    Woots congrats dear..hehe..exciting sey dah register..cnt wait for mine hehe

    • the wedding kraken · December 12, 2014

      hehe yesss I feel like wedding planning takes a more serious turn after we’ve submitted the application. yours will be soon kan! do you guys alr know which kadi you want?

      • sugarfreevani11a · December 12, 2014

        Insya Allah 8th jan..haha kita dah chope kadi dah lol! My mum n gdad nak ust syakir cos his dad nikahkan my mum. N his mum n my gdad same kampung lol!

      • the wedding kraken · December 12, 2014

        oh nice! so he has blocked off the slot for you guys?

      • sugarfreevani11a · December 12, 2014

        Yup i thnk. My atok dah call his dad to inform. But to me any kadi ok..we chillax haha

  3. Hafizah · December 16, 2014

    Hey dear! *tick-tock-tick-tock* time pass by so fast! Hope everything goes well and smooth sailing. Can’t wait to see the outcome! Heheh!

    • the wedding kraken · December 16, 2014

      hee, thanks! kadang2 feels like time doesnt pass by fast enough, but im sure i wont be thinking the same when the day draws nearer and the workload piles higher!

  4. Henrianna Garamond · December 31, 2014

    Salaam dear.. Ma sya’Allah! You are so lucky to get Ustaz Ismail! I like how he would always make it swift and easy for the bride and groom. In sya’Allah yours will go on smoothly too! Oh, anyways, been enjoying reading your amusing posts! Hehehe. (:

    • the wedding kraken · December 31, 2014

      Alhamdulilah and amin! Are you a fellow btb / ex btb too? And aww thanks, you making me kembang! *blush*

  5. Henrianna Garamond · December 31, 2014

    Yup yup! Am a BTB and mine will be in November, in sya’Allah. (:

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