just a little bit of wedding programme drama

hello! so konon-konon I took a break from wedding planning because we met some obstacles wrt our wedding programme. thankfully all is good now. basically ninja groom’s venue and reception timing went back to the drawing board for discussion, which then caused some uncertainties. my parents and I even discussed possibly combining receptions, which is a bit of a surprise because I’ve always been in the separate receptions camp. although the final decision was to stick with separate receptions, it was a good exercise la to stay open to ideas and be prepared to take a different approach if necessary.

earlier this year when we dealt with similar uncertainties wrt our wedding date, I was super emotionally invested. so this time I was prepared to let go and try my best to be all chill about it, even though I had certain interests that I so badly wanted to protect. I began to reflect about the many things that I get to have my way and tried to tell myself that I need to learn to give in to others. maklum lah kita ni last child kan…sorry kakak-kakak, don’t rasa menyampah ok! the other lesson I learnt was to respect boundaries and not impose too much on his reception, since it’s his family’s majlis. it’s hard because as the pengantin, we have a huge stake, but really the decisions are only for us to follow and respect. for me this whole bertolak ansur and compromising is one of the hardest things about planning a wedding :/ a lot of things are subjective and often there’s no right or wrong…so boleh pening kepala!

but alhamdulilah, in the end it was decided that the timing sticks to status quo, which is good news for me. the downside is that venue will be at the void deck, whereas ninja groom had wanted to be adventurous in holding an open air/high ceiling reception at the badminton court or basketball court so that he could realise his ideal wedding decor concept.

since we were on the topic of re-planning our prog, I also got his agreement to wear something more evening-ish during his reception, instead of the songket that he initially wanted to wear, so yay 😀

masyaAllah I thought this was so refreshing and preetz! credits to inspirasi perkahwinan

the same magazine spread also had this. I mockingly showed this pic to ninja groom, who mockingly gave me a comeback. siapa nak teka?

for now, I wish that I had a workflow/timeline for my bridal stuff. macam tak sabar want to pick my outfits and explore the designer collections that my mak andam can bring in – assuming it’s within my budget – but I really have no idea if I’m supposed to contact them to arrange the apmt, or they will allocate me a slot, or which month I can expect for this to happen, if I’m supposed to give a heads up if I’m looking at possibly customising… help! we are almost 6 months away so time to dig up the contracts signed earlier and get things into motion..!

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