search for a henna artist

lately, i’ve been looking for a henna artist. henna and i go a long way back. i remember being super intrigued by it in K2, and then excited when i got to try it in P2. but when it came to wedding planning, i was kinda half-hearted about it. i considered just going old skool and getting finger caps done, with a circle on each of my palm. lulz. then ingat want to improvise and do a heart shape instead.

buuut all the exposure to BTB blogs and some of the henna artists on IG got me influenced :p my first choice would be @ekasya. i read her interview on The Shawl Label and thought she seemed so lovely. the only problem is that she’s not open for 2015 bookings yet. although henna isn’t make or break and can probably wait, i don’t reaaally want to put this off for later when i can settle it now and get it out of the way.

which turns out to be a good idea, cos when I enquired with @isabella_heaven_henna, whose work I also love, she didn’t have any good slots left! the last was Fri 5pm, which mama kraken thinks isn’t a good idea cos “our house might be crowded”. even if that isn’t true, I’m thinking I probably want to kpo at my venue to see that the decor and set up are ok, in true bridezilla fashion.

so I went on to enquire with other artists. back in Jan when a gf got married, I took down the number of the freelance henna artist she got. the girl is her sister’s ex-student. she was pretty good… she made me realise that as long as your henna artist is good at copying down a design (which I’m sure most are, since they have to replicate designs for the left hand and right hand anyway), you just need to show her a good design (ahem, from IG) and it’ll turn out fine :p but I guess the real key differentiators are what kind of henna stains the artist uses, and the original designs that she has in her repertoire.

anyways I dropped her a message which she replied cheerily, but I was kinda disappointed when she didn’t stick to her promises to follow up by XX pm and show me her rates and sample designs 😦 she said she was busy with projects but still, you shouldn’t promise something you can’t deliver yah. I dunno if it’s cos she’s still young (still in poly I think) and thinks that she can say anything she wants and that the world will be forgiving and laugh off what you told them. maybe 10 years ago I might have had the same mindset.

AND THEN! I suddenly felt tergerak to double check with isabella_heaven_henna if she’s got Wed night slots…and the answer is yes! woohoo. cos anyway the plan is do a majlis khatam Quran on the Thu night so I can’t do my malam berinai then. (although I’m very behind my reading progress, whoops) the catch is that Wed is too early for a Sat morning nikah, so I have to leave the inai on overnight. by then I would probably have already gotten my new mattress so it’s going to be sliiightly tricky, but I told her I can live with it. anyway, no other choice pun, unless I want to render myself immobile during daytime. so yay, settled then! tak sempat pun nak compare with quotations by the other artists I approached.

below are two of my favourite recent designs from her. I’ve always like mandala designs but never had one henna-ed, and the leaf designs are pretty refreshing! 🙂



(photos from @isabella_heaven_henna)


list of henna artist IG-ers

below is a list of some henna artists to get a BTB started, courtesy of the NZ❤SZ 🙂 you can also read her entry on her henna hunt.

  1. isabella_heaven_henna
  2. zahrabridalhenna
  3. hennabytazkaurb
  4. mysecretcharm
  5. nittrahennadefinition
  6. hennabella
  7. dshaidahcreations
  8. ekasya
  9. zubhahenna
  10. ellyartwork
  11. rosannecreation
  12. adornedsg (aka hennabyameerahs)
  13. qfcreation


  1. zilarazali · October 19, 2014

    Yaay! Finally you have made a decision! Anyway babe I have three henna artist to recommend. Maybe you can link them as well? 1) rosannercreation 2) hennabyameerahs 3)qfcreation

    • the wedding kraken · October 19, 2014

      hehe ok insyaAllah will do so when I’m at my computer! so hard to do via mobile. I initially thought you sengaja tak list them heee

      • zilarazali · October 20, 2014

        Yeah ikr babe. Doing it at mobile so leceh. Hehe. Ishk. No lah babe. I lupe nak list them. Heh :p

    • the wedding kraken · November 8, 2014

      ok finally linked! hee. henna by ameerah s is now @adornedsg! found out thru google 🙂

  2. lovevintagebride · October 19, 2014

    Good choice dear! I sanggup change my henna artist to her because my friend told me that Isabella henna is nice then when i take a look, the end product is to die for.

    • the wedding kraken · October 19, 2014

      hehe yay ^5! truth be told first time I looked at her account, I thought the designs were alright. tapi bila baca BTB lain nye entries then I was like oooooh yeah her designs ARE v pretty!

  3. lovevintagebride · October 19, 2014

    Yeah! The dark stain la dear. So gorgeous! Same, I look at her before and I find ok, when my friend suggested then i compare and Isabella Heaven stand out more than the one i booked. With happines and no regrets, I book Isabella. Happy us!

  4. Alia Abdullah · November 3, 2014

    So happy that you’re doing a Majlis Khatam!! May Allah bless your efforts immensely, in shaa Allah. 🙂

    • the wedding kraken · November 4, 2014

      amin 🙂 it’s tough putting in the hours but i hope to make it insyaAllah

  5. Amirah · January 3, 2015

    Like you, I’m also on the hunt for someone to do my henna fix! My wedding is less than 3 mths away.. If you don’t mind, may I have the quotation for Isabella Henna?


    • the wedding kraken · January 4, 2015

      Hi Amirah, last i checked with Isabella Henna in Oct 2014, her price range is $100-$150 depending whether you want simple or intricate, palms only or up to wrists. saw on IG that she’s already got 100 bookings for this year so hurry k! All the best 🙂

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