mattress shopping + travel hacking

on Monday the public holiday, I was soooOOoO lazy to do anything. berangan aje nak buat ni nak buat tu, but in the end I was so lembik. one of the grand plans I made was to brave orchard road on a public holiday to go check out the mattress/bedding sale at robinsons and takashimaya after seeing their full page ads in the papers. both department stores were running long weekend sales that ended on Monday. I’ve always been intrigued by such mattress sale ads, thinking to myself that I must check them out when the time comes.

and so the time to shop for a mattress came… I’ve ordered our mattress! I feel a bit embarrassed that I’m such a kancheong spider when it comes to buying our mattress. to explain my kancheong spider-ness, I must first tell a long story about why…

kisahnya begini: we are on a quest to travel hack. what (the hell) is travel hacking, you may ask. it’s basically the art and science of collecting credit card points/miles to earn yourself either a free air ticket or a free upgrade to business class. it’s no novel idea of course, but there are dedicated travel hacking communities out there who track the best promotions/credit cards/methods to earn miles. cos some credit cards give better mile rewards than others. some retailers give better mile rewards than others. and some hotels give better mile rewards than others. so travel hackers try to suss the best deals and strategise which cards to use and where to shop so they can accumulate thousaaands of miles to later claim the perks.

ninja groom and I are new to this whole travel hacking thingamajig, but we are gonna do it anyway. it’s too soon to try claim a free ticket for our honeymoon, so instead we’re aiming to use our points for the year-end NZ trip that he’s planning with his friends in 2015. I recently signed up for the AMEX Krisflyer Ascend Card, and if I can charge $10,000 within the first three months, we can enjoy pretty good returns (about 48,000 points, insyaAllah). of cos $10k IS a lot to spend (and pay on time!) within such a short period so I do get a bit anxious trying to pull this off successfully.

which brings us to why I bought my mattress so early. heh. it’s one of our big ticket wedding expenses that I could charge to a credit card. when faced with the risk of failure, I realise I get uber kancheong. I could theoretically put off the purchase to late Oct or Nov, but I needed my peace of mind! so I thought I would use the public holiday to start shopping for our mattress.

criteria for mattress

1. must be comfy
2. like very comfy
3. like favourite place in the world kind of comfy
4. comes with a 10-year warranty
5. preferably latex
6. below $2,500
7. can be paid with using AMEX (rhymes!)

the shopping experience

I’d heard about Tilam King from fellow BTBs but I procrastinated on checking whether they accept AMEX. I was kinda worried that they didn’t, since Visa/MasterCard are more common in Sg, and I thought that they might be an industrial warehouse kinda business that would not accept AMEX.

but then I googled. and as if the Tilam King people knew what’s on my mind, I found this FB comment:

so then we decided to ditch Orchard Rd instead and head to Tilam King. my parents came along since they were shopping for kids’ berkats in the Kaki Bukit warehouse area (another story for another day, else cerita tak habis2 eh?). the famous president’s namesake wasn’t around, unfortch. I would have loved to meet him and feel his passion for his business hurr. nonetheless we were attended to by his sales manager, after waiting for quite some time for him to finish layaning earlier customers. unfortunately he was the only staff around, though a fellow and jovial customer offered to show us around ahahaha.

there weren’t too many options to choose from in their showroom (just 5, as listed in their blogpost), which is also kinda good lah. otherwise I’d be faced with decision fatigue. I had googled about mattresses only the night before, and based from what I read, it seemed like latex mattresses would be best for Singapore’s humid weather. so in the end I chose their house brand’s latex mattress. it was way below my budget BUT after buying the bed frame, it came back to the same thing haha. initially mama kraken said she would pay for the bed frame, which we would leave in my parents’ house when we get our BTO. but then she changed her mind and decided that we should just buy our bed frame furrealz. I didn’t expect bed frames to be so expensive sia :(. but since my mattress was much cheaper than expected, I shan’t complain. we also got two free pillows, which I topped up a bit to upgrade to another type which ninja groom raved about. the sales rep also threw in a free giant bolster to thank us for waiting hee. as advised by mama kraken, i paid a deposit of slightly over 50%. i wanted to pay full, since i’m trying to hit a target here, but she was more wary i guess. overall I thought mattress shopping would be a teeny bit more fun cos we get to lie down on all the different mattresses, but it was ok ok je. just wanted to get it over and done with.

delivery and the room makeover plan

delivery date (I wanted to type estimated delivery date, macam baby pulak eh) is “Apr 2015”. I purposely kept it vague. ideally I can revamp my room first i.e. throw 60% of things out and repaint walls for the first time in 8 years, then move my single bed to where the queen bed will be, and then get the queen bed installed closer to D-Day. haish. just thinking about the impending room makeover is making me feel super stressed!!

oh well, cross the bridge when we get there. for now, my mattress and bed frame are settled! yay.

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  1. stretchingittotravel · October 30, 2014

    Welcome to the travel hacking addiction!

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