assalamualaikum! it has been a happening week. two highlights:

1. ninja groom’s sister got married!

alhamdulilah ninja groom’s sister was safely diijabkabulkan over the weekend. her wedding was a milestone for us/me for two reasons. firstly, when choosing the wedding date, it was agreed that ours would be x months (read: a reasonable interval) after her wedding so that relatives/friends of ninja groom’s parents wouldn’t be invited twice within a short span. so now that her wedding is over, I feel like we’ve passed by a huge milestone. *insert sigh of relief* bet time will fly starting from now!

oh and in case you’re wondering why tak combined terus, it’s cos there wasn’t a lot of interest to do this. mama kraken was just commenting to me: “imagine eh, by now you could have been married.” eeps! as much as I’m counting down to my wedding, my savings masih belum cukup :p I guess I’m quite set on my vision for my wedding reception and I wanna see it happen, even though it’ll take slightly longer to be able to afford it.

the second reason why the future sister in law’s wedding was a milestone is cos it’s the first time I met his relatives. oooh. during our engagement ceremony, only an uncle and wife accompanied his parents to my house. so I’ve not met rest of the uncles and wives and cousins. was it daunting? yeah, a little. but luckily my FMIL brought me around to introduce me to them on Friday night so I just went around salam-salaming before I ran off to help ninja groom run errands and then devour the trademark Friday night tulang. yums.

on the actual wedding day, I had the chance to chat with 1-2 more of his maternal aunts plus hang around with his paternal aunts after we had finished packing up. I’m glad that both sides are nice, friendly and not intimidating. phew!

on a sidenote, the FMIL made her own bunga manggar! she used cloth, green tape, and sapu lidi (punya lidi).

cloth bunga manggar
handmade bungga manggar from different scraps of cloth

cloth bunga manggarclose up

playing with cat 1 on the way to pasting directional signs, we played / teased cats with them lol

playing with cat 2 this one kinda destroyed one of the buds..whoops!

2. today is our engagement anniversary!

been a year since his mum put a ring on it! ok lah although being engaged doesn’t make us a legit halal couple, one year of being engaged is still kinda significant to me. it’s been a great year for us, thankfully. although the wedding date discussion put a lot (and I mean, a lot) of ~tension~ between us in the beginning, the rest of the time has seen us grow closer, more mature and more responsible. I’m just glad to be on this journey towards marriage with no one else but ninja groom. I discover more and more just what a selfless and loving person he is, like when he gives in to my whims and fancies regarding our wedding. and so I trrryyy my best to reciprocate. I’ll shameless admit it’s difficult for a last child like me who never had to give in much (muahaha) but ok la i must evolve and embrace change yah.

lastly, a mini highlight is that I finally overcame inertia to start ngaji over the weekend. wow, I am so incredibly karat. but inertia is a powerful force, and the first step is always the hardest…


  1. undercoverbride · September 22, 2014

    That’s really creative (the bunga manggar!) *thumbs up

    • the wedding kraken · September 23, 2014

      hehe apparently it’s the old skool way of making them! must have taken lots of hard work seh

  2. aida · September 23, 2014

    The bunga manggar is really cute! Love the colours and the different patterned fabrics!

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