bridal packages: the one thing I wish I had known…

hola! after our wedding got changed to a one day plan, I contacted ishQ to update them and try to sort out the new packages. unfortch kak nora thought my questions on packaging and pricing were complicated so I decided to slash my hopes of tailoring two baju + wearing one of hers, and instead just tailor one baju + wear two of hers. also cos when I booked her back in Feb 2014, I had signed up for a two outfit package. so I guess I’ll just stick to it 😦

I’m also thinking of getting my makeup reapplied from scratch before ninja groom’s evening reception, but I didn’t manage to confirm how much that would cost. will just sort this out nearer to May 2015 then. for now, my bridal budget includes money for these extras so I won’t feel any pinches later. I just hope that ishQ will be flexible and understanding when it comes to amending details of my package. shrug.

songkets shmongkets

so the next problem is that my tailor is holding on to my blue kain songket, which I realised I liked less than my red kain songket. when we were buying the kain, mama kraken and ninja groom both commented the shade of red is kinda different. plus it’s a songket tabuh which the sales kakak said isn’t common in singapore. (is this true? idk)

unfortch my tailor has even completed ninja groom’s baju, heh. I would prefer to wear the red songket but now that he’s halfway done with the blue one, I don’t know whether to just try to salvage the situation by passing him the red songket at the next opportunity (he’s in Bandung, but I have a cousin who travels there somewhat often) or just… settle on wearing the blue songket. haiz. I’ve discussed this with mama kraken but maybe I should just take over the comms with the tailor rather than expect my mum to help me do it. this is probably the least of her priorities.

and then also there’s the question of what’s going to happen to the extra kain… urgh. I’m reminded again about how I should NOT have been greedy / indecisive to have bought two colours and just stuck to one 😦 kan senang. although if I had done that, I probably would have signed up for a 3 package outfit with ishQ back in Feb… so ok lah, seems like I would have lost out one way or the other.

perhaps a lesson to newer BTBs is to sign up for the lowest bridal package when you first book, cos it’s always easier to upgrade than downgrade. the most important thing is to secure the MUA’s commitment on your wedding date. all these nitty gritty like how many outfits, designer outfits, accessories, extra hours, re-application of makeup can be settled later. howells, if only I had had the foresight! 😦 don’t repeat my mistake k.

on a happier note

pleased to report that ninja groom has gone ahead of me to draw up his invitation list — all 217 of them. plus ones included. assuming I got the number right lah. from the start, my interest in our wedding is like 100x of his, so when he shows some sliver of enthusiasm on wedding stuff, this kraken feels a burst of fireworks inside her heart. makes me feel like I’m not the only one between the two of us to get married, y’know?


  1. aisyahaiqal · October 9, 2014

    I made the same mistake with Nora. Took 3 outfits. Mum decided to tailor one for me so now I have 4. I ask Nora if I can downgrade and she decline. I was a little pissed cos afterwards I ask Wedding Brocade and they are fine with downgrading! or refund. Nora doesn’t even allow me to refund! Imma unhappy customer.

    • the wedding kraken · October 9, 2014

      oh no! think I saw your blog post on this. haish. would you wanna try asking if you can use the unused credits towards a designer collection outfit or sth? so at least the money doesn’t go to waste. but anyways if I’ve observed correctly, her 2h package comes with lesser hours so you may need to top up for extra hours anyway.

      for me, my gripe is that I keep seeing the same bajus on her FB page! 😡 espesh the pink baju with lace trimmings. I hope that by the time it’s my turn to select outfits, there’ll be more to choose from. saw from another btb’s blog that kak n will be bringing in extra dresses in Oct, so trying to stay optimistic… when’s your wedding btw? 🙂

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