book review – enjoy your life

good things must share, right? since I kinda define wedding planning as a larger mission to also be our best selves (I mean when else did we care so much about having good skin, good hair, good teeth, good future, etc) I thought it would be good to share this book that I’m reading 🙂

it’s called “enjoy your life” by Dr Muhammad Al-‘Areefi. it’s a collection of short chapters, so very easy to read, especially during commutes. it’s also styled after / inspired by dale carnegie’s “how to enjoy your life and your job”, except this is the Muslim version which tells many stories about Nabi Muhammad s.a.w during his time when he guided his ummah, interacted with Companions, and had to deal with all sorts of people. the Messenger had the best character, so naturally he is the perfect role model for us Muslims to learn from on how to love people, be loved by people, and enjoy life.

of course, the book isn’t all perfect. there are a couple of stories and lessons which, to me, don’t link hence setting off a series of ????? in my head. since the book was translated from Arab to English, I’m thinking some of the links could have been lost in translation.

as someone whose sense of humour can get very snarky, I’ve thought to myself “omg omg I should NOT have said that” too many times. so the book has been enlightening in suggesting the best ways to interact with people, to resolve conflict, and also how to cope when things don’t go our way etc.

as always, the easy part is reading, the hard part is implementing. so far it’s been a helpful reminder to be more tolerant at work, to be more patient with people, and to be more gentle with kids. I’m learning that sometimes keeping silent is the best way out even though we are sometimes thinking “omggg I can’t beeelieeeeve you did that” – what’s done is done, and not saying anything about what we think could have been the better solution isn’t necessarily a sign of weakness.

I’m not sure where to buy the book in Singapore (lobangs welcomed!) but alhamdulilah a girlfriend shared that it’s pretty easy to find free PDFs of Islamic books. this is the one that I’ve been reading – enjoy!


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