on wedding bands

(source: Blue Nile)

the first time I saw an eternity ring, it was on my ex-boss’s hand. it was big. it was bling. and it was oh so white. every time I visited her office in the two years, i would sneak glances at her ring, never getting sick of it.

so i’ve kinda set my eyes on having one. a full one, no half measure. but a part of me knows that it’s just a want and not a need. plus a year ago ninja groom already coughed out money to buy me a solitaire as an engagement ring even though he was still a student(!). when I was a student I was poor like hell cos I didn’t have the discipline to save a single cent or the motivation to work harder for more money. thus the sensible thing to do now is not expect him to spend his hard earned savings from his first year of work to give me a lavish ring. actually, mama kraken doesn’t even think i should get another ring. i guess engagement ring + wedding ring is a relatively modern concept that didn’t exist back in her time.

also, ninja groom loooooves educating me about the de beers marketing ploy, how they engineered the demand for diamonds, and that it’s not really a precious stone yadda yadda yadda…

anyhow, the plan is to get a plain vanilla wedding band that I can wear almost 24/7. i used to wear my couple ring almost all of the time but these days I sometimes forget to wear my e-ring out. cos opening the lid of my jewellery box is like, another step in my morning routine, which I forget half the time. paiseh paiseh. after reno is over, insyaAllah i’ll save up to get my own eternity ring. though recently ninja groom threw in surprise of the century to joke/say/promise that he’ll get me one for our 10th year anni. awww! can it be 9 May 2025 already? let me install another countdown timer on this blog. haha hashtag shameless. hashtag melampau. hashtag now that’s jumping the gun.

we’ll most likely be ordering our rings from blue nile later this year, since they have super plain rings which I want. then we’ll also probably engrave the poetic tagline (for lack of a better word) that he came up with when we got engaged. it’s four words, so the first two will be on his and the last two will be on mine. excites!

I’ll end off this ring talk with photos of how we measured our ring sizes. the story is that blue nile has a sizing chart PDF which you can print and check that it’s to scale. the prob is that when I printed per their instruction, the line that was supposed to be 30mm showed up as 29.9mm. it. just. fell. short. plus, ring sizes differ by like 0.3-0.4mm. let me say that again – 0.3-0.4 MILLIMETERS. now I am potek plus rabun and very selenge so I don’t trust my naked eyes to tell whether my ring size is 15.7mm or 16.1mm. all same same but different to me!

soooo my enterprising ninja groom brought his dad’s VERNIER CALLIPERS hahahah. remember lower secondary science lab sessions??!! my science teacher used to call them “wernier callipus”. oh i never thought i would hold one again…

using the top blades to measure the inner diameter of my couple ring

reading says 1.515cm, buuut the ring is supposed to be higher up, so this reading is still a little off

the sizing chart


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