big change!

so, God answered ninja groom’s prayers cos recently, his mum relented to having a smaller scale wedding. they are most likely downsizing from say, 1000 pax to 400-500 pax. needless to say, member happy giler ah.

the boy who previously wasn’t particularly keen on wedding planning is now a tad more semangat. applause.

another change is that his reception will be moved from Sun, 10 May to Sat, 9 May evening. that’s a big deal uolls. cos it means that the 2-day wedding affair i will now be 1-day. which means that my friend’s wedding itinerary which I was so going to happily copy is now irrelevant. *insert dramatic tears* on a more serious note, it also means that both my photographer and mak andam will have to work longer hours at one shot BUT can book another couple on 10 May. (rejoice!)

i’ll have to plan my own 1-day itinerary (i can roughly guess how it goes) and as much as possible I’ll try give them a break in the middle cos it’s gonna be a hella tiring day! not that 2-day weddings are any less tiring, but maybe the night sleep helps?

anyways if anyone has any suggestions on such 3-in-1, 10am to 10pm wedding programmes, do share! thank you in advance 🙂

both ninja room and I are machiam back to the early stage of wedding planning: waiting for vendors to (ever so slowly — by our standards) confirm the change in schedules. WARGH! my least fevret part, really.


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