majlis khatam al-Quran


i stumbled upon a lovely picture of a pre-nikah khatam Quran ceremony on IG recently. it looked very regal. the bride sat in the middle of the stage in her glittery baju, flanked by a row of bridesmaids in their matching outfits on each side. i was very moved by the photo. not just by the bride taking the time to read the Quran before her nikah ceremony, but also the fact that she had this circle of ladies/friends/sisters whom she could love the Quran with.

the photo made me realise that i’ve been so caught up chasing after my wedding bucket list that i’ve forgotten about my ancient, unfulfilled resolution to khatam the Quran. i’ve been obsessed with worldly goals like getting better skin, achieving straight teeth, saving up enough so that we can put together a decent wedding reception that i’d forgotten about how once upon a time when i was in my early teens, when i attended ngaji weekly, i’d tell myself “ok i must khatam the Quran this year” at the start of the year for two years. then when i stopped attending ngaji under the guise of CCAs and O level preps, i forgot about it altogether. whoops. or rather, astaghfirullah.

soooo i asked mama kraken about having my own majlis khatam Quran.

me: kat khatam Quran, orang nanti baca jus ‘amma aje eh?
mama k: yes. tapi dorang bukan suka-suka datang baca juz ‘amma aje tau. you kene baca juz 1-30 dulu.
me: haaa
mama k: and you tak boleh baca sorang-sorang. you mesti baca berguru
me: haaaaaaaaa

verily, it is not as easy as i thought. pardon my ignorance! i’ve never been to any majlis khatam Quran nor have i had the chance to discuss with ex-BTBs who held one.

so anyways mama kraken helped me approach her two good friends who happen to be our neighbours, who have agreed to coach me. yay syukur alhamdulilah. i’ll need to work out a schedule though. seems like Saturday mornings can’t be sleep in mornings anymore 😦 i’m sure it might be tiring, challenging, maybe even frustrating… but i pray that i will have the patience + perseverance to see this thru. wish me luck!

if you had a majlis khatam Quran or you’ve attended one, please share your experience cos I’d love to know! 🙂


12 thoughts on “majlis khatam al-Quran

  1. Hey basically for majlis khatam Quran you’ll need to read Surah Ad-Dhuha until An-Nas, Al-Fatihah, 5 first lines of Al-Baqarah dan Surah Al-An’am. The whole reading is usually guided by an Aunt, your mum or anyone who lancar baca Quran. It’s a lot faster than marhaban which tends to be more meleret and banyak lagu-laguan. I initially wanted to have a majlis khatam Quran on the morning before my nikah but my venue only opens at 9am. So I’m just doing it at my place the night before or 2 nights before with my close aunts and family around.

  2. Hi dear! My best friend just did hers at her place the night before nikah day. She read ad Duha till an Nas then continue al Fatiha and Baqarah yg first page tu. I asked her why she said it’s her own fulfillment and to begin the new chapter of her life with khatam Quran. awww kan? So I also wanted to do it, now dah sepatutnya nak kene start ngaji but i’ve yet to go to my ustazah’s place :p

    my cousin did a 1 day bertandang on sunday but nikah on saturday. so the saturday night khatam quran at pelamin with ustazah and makcik2 read together accompanied by her husband. a very nice experience but she a bit play cheat, she never completed the whole quran, just buat khatam quran aje. hehe

  3. Thank you for this post babe! Now Im considering to do majlis khatam quran. Currently im attending quran class every Mon and tues. So maybe I can check it out with my religious teacher abt this. Jiayou to you babe!

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