pre-marriage course: at the fork road

in the btb blogging world, it seems like SuChi Success’s Kasih Sejati course is one of the top choices. seeing the good reviews here and there, i signed us up for a september run of Suchi Success’s Kasih Sejati course at masjid sultan. then i also took the initiative to e-mail the lady on how to make payment. and then…ninja groom realised it was the weekend of his sister’s wedding. tetiaow! back to square one.

i’d read from feelingfeelingkahwin about the poor facilities at SuChi Success’s training centre. so i wanted to avoid their sessions conducted at the training centre. it didn’t leave us many choices – either the dates clashed with other stuff, or the mosque locations were not so ideal for us.

and then i’d also read eleventhoctober’s review of the course, where she didn’t get to do the love letter part. i also thought that was one of the supposed highlights of the course leh. my impression is that it didn’t seem to be such a greaaat course after all.

so…i had a change of heart. like really tergerak hati to change plans. within a span of a few minutes, heh. i’m so fickle like that, though i hope my intuition is right. i decided to google Cinta Abadi instead, which is MSF’s versh of the pre-marriage course. actually i’m not so clear on the structure, like what’s the difference between Cinta Abadi and Kasih Sejati. CA seems govt-sanctioned and is provided by different organisations, but KS… i dunno. plus seems like SuChi is the only one conducting it? so anyways, i found Art of Marriage, which seemed like a pretty cool and hip provider ahha. call me shallow, but i was very influenced by their website branding and how they positioned their pre-marriage course. definitely not the old school, academic, yawn-inducing feeling.

we’ve re-picked dates and i’ve registered ourselves. hopefully our places are confirmed…looking forward to it! and hopefully no work events crop up that weekend plz plz.

if anyone has been to cinta abadi, do share how your experience was! 🙂

edit (29/7): I’ve gathered, after speaking to an insider (chey chey), that the 2-day Cinta Abadi was designed by MSF and is provided by private operators eg training institutions, social enterprises, mosques etc. courses like SuChi’s Kasih Sejati and Apkim’s Marriage Guidance Course (note that Apkim provides CA or what they call Marriage Preparation Course too) are the private sector’s versions of marriage prep courses and will work as well. the course is not obligatory though couples are highly recommended to go. kadis may ask for the cert because they want to encourage couples to attend.


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