finding my inner domestic goddess + pop up store announcement!

two ramadhans ago, I had a conversation with a makcik colleague that went like this:

“kraken, you tak amik cuti?”
“ah? amik cuti untuk buat aper?”
“untuk bakar kuih ke…”
“BAKAR KUIH??!!” I replied a little too incredulously.

back then the idea of taking leave just to bake felt like 10 light years away from my mind.

noob baking adventures

but last week, I found myself taking half day leave with the intention of baking choc chips cornflake macaroons. my first time making meringue, ever. I had also wanted the leave cos I was sooooo tired… the week had started with me waking up extra early to catch the World Cup finals (yay Germany!!!) plus the fatigue from less sleep in ramadhan was catching up on me.

so after work on friday I semangatly bought ingredients on my way home. but hor, lugging them groceries together with my laptop on the bus totally tired me out… I ended up sleeping the afternoon away. haha #potongsteammax but also #bestfridayafternoonever.

I baked on Sat instead, after some mini kitchen drama including having the oven trip the entire house thrice and my heart breaking when my egg whites didn’t rise. luckily papa kraken came to the rescue wrt the oven – he mumbled something abt the earth wire and told me not to touch the metal parts of the oven directly eeps. when he put his screwdriver against the metal exterior, the handle lit up sia. thanks for saving me from being electrocuted! kalau tak my hair would be Einstein-puffy by now. on the egg whites, I frantically googled videos as the mixer whirred away loudly, and then figured that the speed wasn’t fast enough. ohhhh no wonder lah.

so ok, glad to report that the macaroons turned out ok, for a n00b baker like me who hasn’t baked since 2009.

then two weekends ago, I could feel my inner domestic goddess trying to come out as I semangatly cleaned up my room.

I think all this is me realising that with my getting married soon-ish, I’ve got to start being more responsible at home. haish. reality bites :p

ramadhan reflections

ramadhan’s almost ending. alhamdulilah it’s been a good one this year I think. I’ve been more homebody-ish this time, committing to buka at home with family more often than in previous years. but I also managed to buka puasa with my different circles of friends and also ninja groom’s, so I’m happy 🙂 may the next ramadhan be a sweet experience too, insyaAllah. and hopefully this year I properly commit to paying back my puasa waaay before 1-2 months before next ramadhan (I always say I want to but then I don’t) cosss next year, the 1-2 months before ramadhan will be for getting married and going on a honeymoon insyaAllah 😀

the shawl pop up store

lastly, I also wanted to share that I’ve set up a pop up store page for TudungPeople’s Fleur Raya shawls 🙂 I spree’d last week and have some gorgeous pieces to let go of. so do check the pop up store out if you’re looking to expand your shawl collection!

here’s hoping that everyone has a great last weekend of ramadhan and a good raya season ahead! 🙂


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