in 10 months: crafty projects

yoohoo! we are past our 10 months mark. at this stage I’m still quite semangat about the wedding although I don’t know how long this enthusiasm will last.

here’s a roundup of the crafty DIY projects that we’re planning to undertake from now right till the wedding, insyaAllah:

1. wedding invites

a few weeks ago I had this sudden burst of motivation to chiong (ninja groom would say to NOS as in nitrous oxide for racing cars) and front-load whatever wedding prep I could, in anticipation of a busy work schedule later this year.

so I did my wedding invite moodboard, sent it to my cousin…who drew something for me over the weekend! yay. so the front cover design is settled, now I’m left to design the inside spread and the map, which is tricky because it depends on whether we secure the CC venue.

kraken wedding invite moodboard

the moodboard! sources: kathryn green / rifle paper co / shaupix achmad / wedding scoop FB / @farahkhairuddin / nurita harith

but kraken me went ahead to try design my map anyway. it was tedious making the vector shapes for roads and blocks though it felt fun to lose track of time while working in PS and AI. it was as though I was in my ~element~ like that, but frankly my skills still leave much to be desired.

for the inside, I wonder if I can pull off the trendy watercolour background design. I’ll need to learn calligraphy though…so I bought a workbook and pens from Maple Treehouse. hee. will this semangat last 5 mins? I sure hope not! still waiting for the delivery. the plan is to work on it during lunch break this Ramadhan. let’s see how that goes.

2. corsages

green boutonniere

I really like this simple feather boutonniere design which plays on shape, texture and sweet colours. I’m gonna tryyy do a similar corsage for my relatives for fun. I’ve bought feathers from aliexpress (shopping addicts, you have been warned…) so I hope to set aside time for crafting sessions over 1-2 weekends to complete this.

3. berkats

hopefully we can rope in relatives for this one. not worried about this for now. we don’t even know what we’re giving. and I only recently realised that we’ll have to think about what to give kids, too. I’ll be very happy to delegate this to my parents and sister… 😀

4. bunga manggar

mama kraken has DIY plans for this one. something that involves ribbons and pintal-pintal.

5. bunga pahar

mama kraken also has DIY plans for this one. she already bought the ribbons. this one involves painting eggs too. ooh.

6. hantaran

i’ll leave this to mama kraken.

7. bouquet

i plan to make my own white + baby pink bouquet. please don’t turn out disastrous!


hopefully i’ll get to enjoy the crafty projects instead of being overwhelmed by everything. hopefully eh.

in other news, i’m heartbroken the holland team didn’t get through to world cup finals! I hope they’ll get 3rd place ahead of brazil. for now i’ll be rooting for my next favourite, the germans! woop woop.


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