the songket plan has to change

no relationship is perfect, and that includes the one with our KL tailor. sigh. mama kraken hasn’t been too impressed with the way our tailor has been handling our hari raya orders (which we sent way back in feb!) so she’s like “dah lah, tak nak hantar baju kat dier lagi.” and this includes my second songket which i was planning to make a kebaya pahang…!

here’s what i think my options are:

1) send both baju to upik

pros: more mileage out of my air ticket to bandung, so to speak. also he tailors men’s baju too, whereas our KL tailor doesn’t. so we would have had to send ninja groom’s songket to a different tailor, which would be more coordination.

cons: upik sometimes mixes up measurements too, eeps. also once mama kraken mentioned that if i want kebaya pahang, i should approach a malaysian tailor cos they would know the pattern best.

2) sell one kain songket i.e. tailor only one baju, then take another outfit with bridal co

pros: will be easier and cheaper, plus ishQ does have some nice songkets.

cons: mana nak jual, and siapa nak beli? and i guess with renting songkets, there’s no being creative in customising the cut i want.

so how now brown cow?

mama kraken is leaning towards option 1), but let’s see how. am thinking of maybe cutting my losses and going with 2), and then learning my lesson on not being greedy and just picking one colour. and also because i recently looked at the blue songket i bought, put it against my face and thought… what the hell was i thinking??

but anyways, here’s some songket outfits that i found + love. the first 3 pics were cut out from the May issues of either inspirasi perkahwinan or pesona pengantin — unfortch i don’t remember! and the rest are from ishQ by nora zee’s FB. i would stalk other bridal co’s songkets too but i think i should save myself from potential heartache and dissonance 🙂

royal blue songket kebaya pahang wow i super love the cutting and the beadwork, espesh along the hems. not a fan of the collar though!

blue songket with nice beadwork thought the beadwork one this one was pretty damn luxurious… looks like they were painstakingly handsewn on! 😮 sometimes i think the advantage bridal cos have is that they can invest in the workmanship, whereas it’s less justifiable for me to spend so much on the embellishments without the guarantee i can get returns on my investment 😦

songket terengganu dress

wahhh… this is a first. haven’t seen any local bridal companies using songket terengganu (though it’s also not like i have been observing songket pengantin trends for long) well it’s too late for me since i already bought my songkets, but still thought it’s worth clipping 🙂

ishQ gold green songket ishQ gold green songket outfit  oh WOW what can i say… my love for this colour combi reaches into the deep parts of my heart. haha ok i exaggerate but really. WOW. WAU. WOW. the person who put this outfit together was so full of smart and flair. i like.

ishQ emerald green songket

once in KL we saw this gorgeous emerald green songket kebaya pahang on display. it’s been on my mind ever since. so this outfit reminds me of that. love the train though i don’t trust myself to walk with them (i often miss a step while walking normally. in flats.)

oh ya this pic is by azfian anuar photography. met him before at a neighbour’s wedding, nice guy 🙂

ishQ dark blue songket kebayadark blue songkets seem to be popular but i can see why. maybe they suit asian skintones well, i dunno.  love this too, but also cos it doesn’t have the traditional belt, which i think i can’t pull off. just my gut feeling.


  1. FaithFate · June 15, 2014

    Emerald green super cantik!

    • the wedding kraken · June 15, 2014

      hehe yes I also say! pretty bride + great make up + beautiful pelamin also adds up to the cantikness I think 🙂

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