the wedding mish-mash

these days work has been mad busy, and my mind has been a mish-mash when it comes to wedding stuff. here are some of the things that have been running through my head:

wedding shoes

wedding shoes

saw a nice pair of lacey peeptoes at Anna nucci. i used to think peep toes look vulgar (cos can see my long second toe which reminds me of the middle finger…) but i’ve come to realise that peep toes tend to give the illusion of narrower feet. anyway pro: the pair of shoes i like is quite cheap, like $52.80 uolls, but cons: it’s quite high and i fear for my safety, and also i might end up being taller than ninja groom hee.

wedding invites

broached the topic with my talented-illustrator-cousin whom I hope can illustrate for me. been thinking of doing a moodboard for my wedding invite to give her an idea of what I’d like. but haven’t gotten around to it.

wedding favours

leaning towards microfibre towels cos I find them really practical. can use to wipe kitchen wipe motor wipe face. but not all three for the same piece please. mama kraken is heading to her new favourite haunt, ho chin minh city this June insyaallah, and says she wants to start ordering drawstring bags. yay.


upik made a second trip to singapore recently. he brought two lace cloths for me to choose from but neither worked.

also thinking of going to Bandung with my mum over CNY 2015. waiting for my miles credit card to be approved before i go book tix and start my miles collecting journey. the plan is to do my fitting with upik then. exciting!


i want to go visit one of the most famous ladies in the world. can guess who? i looked up prices recently and nearly fainted. especially at accommodation cos i’ve never like, spent so much on hotels. so far i’ve only backpacked and stayed at cheap $5/pax type of hotel rooms, some with dingy toilets with red lights suitable for brothels or injecting your veins with drugs, so you can imagine my shock. tapi nak jugak :p hopefully it will be within our rezeki to make this happen, and if not for my honeymoon, some other time in the near future.


for a young and broke couple, ninja groom and i sure have aspirations. insyaAllah we wanna go new zealand with friends end of next year. which sounds all great and amazing until i start thinking…where do i dig up the money from? so a while back i tried to visualise what my post-marriage/joint-income finances would be like, and how i was gonna start saving up for it. the answer? it all comes down to sticking within my wedding budget, then insyaAllah the unused 10% contigency fund that i’ve set aside can go towards NZ.


saw that some units within my project were released for the recent may 2014 sale of balance exercise. i think some of those units could have been our top choices back when we were selecting flats. except our queue number wasn’t so great so those were snapped up before we had a chance. geram! if only can trade eh. oh well, shall not be greedy and count my blessings.

in other news, i just realised my express bus to the CBD goes past our BTO site. woohoo! i literally clapped my hands while jogging past. alone. hopefully nobody saw that ^_^

annual leave

did some rough calculations on whether i will have enough annual leave for everything kraken-related e.g. trips to KL/Bandung for baju, D-Day, honeymoon plus non-kraken related e.g. trip with gf to Xi An and insyaAllah the NZ trip mentioned above. actually still have no idea if there’ll be enough, sigh. also our honeymoon won’t be immediate, so i’m thinking ok maybe can take the Monday after wedding off then Tuesday go back to work…with inai on. haha. sad but will probably be the case.

was talking to my gf who got married earlier this year. she took 5 days off before the wedding. i was like “must ah?” and she immediately nodded and said “yeah, you should”. haiz, will need to plan my leaveĀ even more carefully now!

alright, and so the countdown goes on!



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