cleaning out my closet: part 2 (lucky plaza flea market)

alhamdulilah after doing a major wardrobe purge, i had a good experience overall participating in for flea’s sake’s flea market at lucky plaza. though first of all i gotta say i benefitted a lot from reading blog reviews (their links at the end of this entry) which helped me go in prepared + with the right mindset that it’s OK to sell your outgrown nice clothes for super cheap to people who insyaAllah will benefit from them more.

so some basic info about the flea market: sunday market means that most of the crowd comprise filipino maids. booth rental is $100/1 day, $160/2 days. i shared the booth with my friend F and her colleague whom i only met on flea day. we sold our items for $2, then later $1, then finally $0.50 near closing time.

our experience

we reached lucky plaza around 10.30am-ish and joined the short queue in front of the red door. on paper it says that you’re not allowed to queue before 11.30am, but people do it anyway.

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the queue ahead of us

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the queue behind us. so it seems like 10.30am is a good time to arrive.

around 11.30am ish, the queue was allowed to proceed inside the flea area. it was the first time being there for all of us and i must say…we were super thrown off by the layout. despite having done some research, whatever i saw at lucky plaza was totally different from my impression from the blogs.

our shock and confusion lost us some time. we ended up picking a big booth but it was hidden in a corner 😦 so much for us “strategising” to pick a booth near the entrance! gah.

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based on pictures, i expected to see that all booths would be given this sort of table. but! it was only the corner stalls that got these. the booths in the middle were given a small square table each – the sort with foldable legs and wooden board table tops. they looked really cramped and didn’t seem like a good idea, until the crowds started coming in and we realised the middle booths seemed to get better traffic than we did. plus the air circulation in the centre was better than in our corner too!

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but anyways, we got down to business. after 5-10 minutes of selling, we decided that the three of us would just consolidate our stocks/earnings and divide everything by 3 later. it was much easier than trying to figure out whose item had just been sold. we were also overwhelmed by the crowd and how cramped and stuffy our booth was that we ditched our $2/$3/$4 price tier idea and decided to sell everything at $2 each so that it’s easier to manage.

i gotta be honest and say that sales in the beginning was/felt slow. i worried about not breaking even. our neighbours were selling their items for 3 for $10 and 2 for $5 and i wondered if we had priced ourselves too cheap. i calculated that we would have to sell 50 items to breakeven, and wasn’t sure if we even had that many!

i shared this fear with F around 1+pm and we worriedly counted our earnings. it turned out that we had earned $120 so we had already broke even without realising it, phew!

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around 3+pm we slashed our prices to $1, after seeing our neighbours do it. on a side note, once you start bringing a clipboard around, you don’t stop! my clipboard made it easy for us to write our signs amidst the huge pile of clothes on our table.

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our stall with our revised signage. look at the crowd outside!

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 presetthe plastic cup that we held our money in. luckily F brought a basket (it was her wedding hantaran basket actually, haha) which we used to organise our admin stuff i.e. money, stationery, plastic bags.

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by 5pm, our neighbours moved out so we took over their stall which is closer to the centre of the flea market. this is considered the off-peak crowd already… the peak hour was way way more crowded that this! :O

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we had more table space + lesser clothes. it was so satisfying to see that most of our clothes sold 🙂 

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we also had a lil bit of accessories. F’s colleague also brought facial masks from Korea to sell, 3 for $1 and later 5 for $1. they all sold out eventually!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

my leftover stash. all bottoms, mostly office-wear skirts. F managed to sell *all* her clothes, whereas F’s colleague only had 2 pieces left. so we were all pretty happy!

(p.s. anotheraccidentalbride, that’s your berkat drawstring pouch which i used to keep my coins hee)

and it’s a wrap!

we started packing up around 6.15pm and counted our money. alhamdulilah after deducting the $100 booth rental, we earned about $275, which is about $90+ each. i was super happy and thankful considering that i thought we were gonna lose money.

my most heart-pain item was this spring-ish linen jacket that i bought on impulse at uni qlo for $80+. i ended up not wearing it because i didn’t know how to style it. i sold it for $1, sigh. lesson learnt on impulse shopping eh.

nonetheless there’s a sense of satisfaction from selling my stash rather than just dropping them off at say Salvation Army and not knowing what happens to them. plus the extra pocket money is great too 😀

one of the stallholders who chatted with us shared that she and her 2 friends broke even their 2-day stall within saturday itself. one of them had 4 luggage worth of clothes — she made a $400 profit on saturday alone, whoaaa.

all in all, i would do it again the next time i do a major wardrobe purge. though at the low prices, you’d need lots and lots of clothes to be able to profit better. i was lucky because i also had my mum’s friend’s daughter’s stash which she initially passed to us to sell for a charity sale at our CC. she had sexier stuff and in bigger sizes too, so they helped with sales 🙂 i also loved how the ladies we sold clothes too were all so nice and cheery. even our fellow stallholders were friendly too.

it also helped that 3 of us had awesome plus ones. ninja groom ferried me, F and her hubby to and fro lucky plaza. F’s hubby then helped us with the logistics,set up and buying our lunch. F’s colleague’s fiance helped us with the sales. yay for teamwork!

5 tips for first-time sellers at lucky plaza flea

1. don’t bother bringing a clothes rack because most stalls spaces are too small. plus at such a cheap price range, i personally don’t think it’s worth the effort hanging, unhanging, and rehanging clothes.

2. bring a clipboard + plain paper + a red marker + scotchtape so you can make yourself some sale signs 🙂

3. bags sell like hotcakes. especially mid-sized ones (i.e. can hold an A4). unfortch we didn’t have many bags to sell. even my roxy pleather sling bag which had a huge tear inside sold!

4. most of the ladies seem size UK 12-14 ish. our smaller sized clothes still sold although we didn’t get to ask if they were buying for themselves or other people.

5. bring a traditional hand fan cos it gets HOT inside!

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