cleaning out my closet: part 1 (wardrobe purge)

i’ve never been the kind of person who dresses well. i mostly dress for comfort, and i wear the same old pieces in the same old combis. for every rare day where i think i’ve put together an above-average outfit (by my standards), there are many more where i go “omg what was i thinking”.

despite my non-fashionista ways, i’ve always wanted a well-curated wardrobe that i would feel happy looking at. i still remember my experience browsing thru a random boutique in haji lane – i loved every top and dress that hung on the rack. on closer look, they were overpriced items that weren’t necessarily made of good quality, but wow when put together the selection was just 10/10.

so when i came across breanna rose’s post about editing her closet a few months back, i felt hugely inspired to clean out mine and get rid of things that i don’t wear anymore due to me getting sick of them, not fitting into them well anymore, having forgotten them, and/or thinking “oh i’ll wear this top sometime in future” but never getting around to it.

20140222fb-ba text

about two years back i did a similar exercise, using Kendi Everyday’s Working Closet Series tips. basically you just sort your clothes into three piles: keep, throw, sell/donate.

first, i made space for my bed by stacking the million cushions on my chair. for a couple of weeks my mum was tumpang-ing her cushions in my room. heng they’ve now been packed away.

slowly went through all my hung clothes, before attacking the folded clothes

gosh, i haven’t worn my belts for the longest time.

20140222fb-6 20140222fb-7

huuuge mess in the middle of it all. so many unworn clothes from sales which i thought were good deals but never ended wearing. anyone with me on this one? 😦

my ‘after’ wardrobe is sliightly better now… i like that it’s less cluttered. i’m trying to rebuild my clothes by shopping more intentionally, and going for quality rather than quantity. also trying to get a sense of my colour palette so that my separates can easily complement each other.

insyaAllah in part 2, i’ll share my experience participating in What the Flea’s fleamarket at Lucky Plaza this Sunday 🙂 thought it’d be useful for BTBs who have clothes to purge as part of the pre- or post-wedding process. till then!


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