to the future me

dear wedding kraken,

insyaAllah, kalau panjang umur + kalau ader jodoh, you will be married one year from now… wau! the 1-year- pre-wedding wedding kraken can only hope that the wedding preparation journey was fun + smooth, and that you got closer to people because of it. and that Allah gave His blessings for everyone in both families and all your close friends to be there with you 🙂

let me guess, have the last few days been a frenzy? did mum stay up late making your sireh dara as she does for other people’s daughters? did she throw a fit and bark at everyone over how dirty/messy the house was?

how did the decor turn out, did you stick to the same garden concept as I currently have in mind? are the flowers ok? did mum manage to get fake hydrangeas from guangzhou?

was it a good malam berinai? did you remember my plan wrt photoshop hearts? did anyone insist on drawing designs for you and did you resist, just like how I imagine you would have to?

how about money – did all my nights of poring over my deardyan wedding budget spreadsheet pay off? did the 10% contingency fund come in handy? did you manage to invest in a good mattress, and CAN. WE. GO. CRAZY. outlet shopping on our honeymoon?!?!

speaking of which – did the practical approach to the honeymoon work out? i know you know ninja groom knows what we mean. well no matter what the outcome, I hope you two have a safe trip, always.

are you facing wedding jitters? if yes, know that one year before your wedding day, you reminded yourself to consider yourself super lucky and super blessed to have found a love like his. remember that Allah is the best of Planners and He gives us what we need 🙂

also remember the conversation we had with L who was due to celebrate her 13th wedding anniversary, and how she said time flies when you’re married, which is good and bad because then you ask yourself, “what have you achieved?” I hope for both our sake and ninja groom’s that the journey you’re about to start is a fruitful + fulfilling one. for the body, mind, and soul, and for dunia and akhirat.

I hope you enjoy yourself this weekend.

for now, it’s 365 days of counting down + maybe going crazy trying to plan the wedding.

the wedding kraken


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