two analog affairs

we booked fadly from an analog affair for photography! we have no plans for pre- or post-wedding for now, so we just got “actual day” services.

technically this is my second analogaffair, because i got him to shoot my graduation photos with my family some years back. two photos he took still hang on our living room walls. i’m surprised that even my parents had taken to the unorthodox graduation family portrait he took of us. basically it was my then-4 year old niece taking a photo of the rest of us. i really like it cos my niece is acting like an adult, my nephew is busy studying a twig, and me and my siblings are acting like kids.

i’m glad for that one night where i suddenly felt tergerak to contact him, when we had to continue searching for our photographer.

when things don’t go as planned

sadly, things didn’t work out with sejoli. we were almooost ready to book them but think they’re too busy with their cafe DIY renovations to follow up with our request to see more event photos. ninja groom was bummed because he really liked them and thought it would be gerek to have them shoot our wedding. but he, always the sceptic, also thinks that maybe we got “deselected” by them since our wedding isn’t cool enough. haha, ouch! well, wallahualam, but i’ll stick to my world of rainbows and butterflies and think they were just too busy to focus on sejoli.

a disastrous appointment

apart from meeting fadly, we also arranged to meet another photography company. but that appointment tanked from the very first question: “so, which package do you guys want to take?”

wah, it was a combination of my heart sinking and my jaw dropping. i was thinking like… you mean we came all the way here just to talk about your packages?? so yep. throughout the meeting, they didn’t take a single personal interest in us. the conversation was just about their products, services, and (extra) charges.

it seemed like we were just another pair of prospective clients who could help put 3k into their bank account. so, no thanks! what a waste of time. can’t believe i waited two weeks and actually looked forward to the appointment only to be so disappointed.

oh well, different strokes for different folks. my vision for wedding photography is that it’s about personal connection. a photographer can take great photos, but if you don’t like them enough, you won’t relax and open up to them. looking forward to working with fadly again 🙂

p.s. vendors page is up!


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