food and dessert corner…..booked!

alhamdulilah my parents have booked our caterer and dessert corner! for caterer we’re going with one cik kiah, who catered for my aunt and my neighbour in 2012 and 2013. then we took her recommendation for dessert corner and went with pucuk ombak (PO). my parents and brother went to see a wedding that PO set up the dessert corner, and liked what they saw. PO’s menu has 3 options – asian, western, fusion. so we went with fusion… as usual, nak best of both worlds.

i kinda glossed through the list of desserts that will be there, but from what i know is that there’ll be a live crepe station… exciting! i can already imagine myself bossing my maid of honour to help me take ahha. there’ll also be a mocktail station. we had to top up a nominal fee to get kendarat-s to man the mocktail station. initially, i was thinking it would be fun to relieve the rewang culture and get my guy cousins to step be the bartenders. but my mum didn’t want to risk breaking their equipment etc etc so we took the safer route. howells. still have fond memories where rewang-ing meant the girls gave out berkats and the boys washed the dishes. those were the days!

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset the only photo my dad took which i liked… the mocktail station!

to be frank, I hardly remember cik kiah’s food at the two earlier jemputan-s which she did. but it was easy and convenient to liaise with her so my mum went for it. earlier on in the wedding planning, my mum was saying how food is very important and we should get yang sedap2 punye. (surely everyone thinks the same) we wanted to to with fazana after my sister had her way back in 2006, but unfortch she’s booked! all the way to 2016! crazy! but anyways i shall just try to be optimistic with cik kiah and hope that she will have a good cook food day on my wedding, and that my guests will be pleased with the food. insyaAllah.

remember pak haji?

earlier on I mentioned that we were getting pak haji, after he agreed to do our CC wedding without the decor. (context: CC wedding got extra work cos kene naik turun, and he was v proud of his decor) when my mum approached him for a quote, he said it wasn’t a good time and he would give it two weeks later. two weeks passed and my anxious mother became anxious. mostly cos she wanted to release cik kiah ASAP or it would be unfair to other ppl who enquired about her on the same date. the quote from pak haji also never came. so one day en route to my cousin’s wedding in the other side of singapore, my family had a meeting (in the car) and decided that we would move on with cik kiah and pucuk ombak. so my mum called both pak haji and cik kiah, and that was settled. actually for a makcik housewife, i really admire my mum’s efficiency sometimes. she wastes no time!

so yep, we can breathe a sigh of relief now. what’s left is booking our photographer, and then my photobooth, oh and yeah our DJ/live band, and i should think i’m done with wedding vendors. woop woop.


6 thoughts on “food and dessert corner…..booked!

  1. Hi babe! I’ve been reading up your entries (soon, i would’ve read every single one of your posts haha sorrytaksorry) and wanted to let you know that i loooove love your style of writing. So addictive and kelakar! Hehe.

    Anyway, i chose to comment on this post cos.. i wanna ask you more about the dessert corner you picked! I’ve been sourcing for a dessert station myself and no luck thus far so am wondering if you can share the one you picked? 🙂

    • Salam babe! thanks for your kind words hehe. my dessert corner vendor, pucuk ombak, has 3 menus: Malay, Western, fusion. Malay one offers like sandwiches and about 12 types of kuih ah (kek lapis, putri salat, talam keladi etc etc). the drinks selections also a bit more traditional eg cheekong, Bandung, syrup limau.

      the western one has sandwiches -!: crackers canapes, potato salad, cheesecake, cream puff, eclair, that sort. for drinks, they offer mocktails and tea.

      the fusion menu offers roti john canapé and mini grill skewers. part kuih, they give the more popular selections from
      both, though it’s more from western than malay.

      all three come with a live station is for crepes with ice cream(!) price wise, the packages they showed me and my mum were 3.50/pax for Malay and 4.50/pax for fusion for 1,000 pax. there are some extra charges for the crew and rental of cutlery as well.

      overall, it’s more orang tua style vs kids corners sorta thing since got savoury snacks also. but it should keep guests well-fed insyaAllah. hope this helps! 🙂

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