the quest for perfect skin

amazing how wedding planning is like that one activity/event that starts inspiring positive (insyaAllah) changes in our lives. suddenly it’s time to be more responsible and intentional about money, to learn more about Islam, to try be a better partner and son/daughter, to lose weight… and to fix our complexions.

a few months ago ninja groom and I talked about getting rid of the pimple scars on our faces. in my case my skin is clear-ish but I have red pimple scars from all those past years of picking my zits. oops. tangan gatal betul. ninja groom says sometimes the scars work in my favour cos they make me look like I have flushed cheeks lol. but, it’s not good enough! I want perfect – as in spotless, no scars – skin 😀

anyway, I used to watch extreme makeover, and saw how they used laser treatments for the participants’ faces. did a quick online search, found bad reviews for laser clinics in the heartlands, and came across this video of a girl whose complexion massively improved (omg her before and after!) and subsequently

trying out The Regimen

there are two types of treatment most endorsed on – using benzoyl peroxide and accutane. for the former, you can get them from the “drugstore” (aka Watsons/Guardian??) but also has their own product series, which ninja groom and I decided to try. at that time (Dec 2013) I was borong-ing online (belum serious about wedding savings yet, hee!) so I combined my order together with some US website others and got them shipped via comgateway. think we each paid close to $80 (incl shipping) for the full set. I’ve since seen discussions on HWZ saying that it’s cheaper for Singaporeans to buy from Amazon.

the 3-step regime

the regimen

The Regimen involves 3 steps.

1. wash face using cleanser
2. apply benzoyl peroxide treatment
3. apply moisturiser

2x a day.

they have animated video illustrations to show you the proper way of washing your face, and how much treatment to put. one of the key lessons I learnt is that you’re supposed to work your cleaner up into a lather using your hands before applying. ohhhh! for a long time I copied them biore/clean and clear TV ads where they put blobs of cleanser on their faces then proceed to rub/lather.

one of the common feedback that people post on the forum is that The Regimen makes their face very dry and itchy. I saw a reply that said people who say this are not following instructions closely enough. so I thought to myself wah better follow the video properly..!

my experience since mid-Jan? it’s challenging to follow the regimen in the morning cos I don’t set aside a lot of time to get ready. plus in the morning I tend to put on sunblock so that’s a lot of layers (3) to apply, with minimum 5 min breaks in between. at night it’s a lot easier cos no sunblock and got more time.

sometimes I feel a mild sting after applying the moisturiser (I love the smell btw!) over the BP, but in a twisted way I kinda like the sensation. I guess it’s like people who go the gym who like the muscle aches?!

the verdict…so far

and the verdict? alhamdulilah my skin is improving! though I dunno if it’s just psychological since I’m always studying my face closely ahha. for starters, my skin isn’t as oily/shiny as it used to be. guess the regimen really does dry out your skin. in the last 1-2 weeks, it also seems like my scars are getting a tad fainter. yay! I still have small break outs but on the whole I’m liking the results and will probably continue. apparently it takes about 6 months to see noticeable results… shall press on since things are looking promising! 🙂



2 thoughts on “the quest for perfect skin

  1. sayang your skin mana ada acne scars?? flawless je i see, haiyooo. I’ve always shyer away from these kinds of regime as I heard it may cause your skin to peel. how’s yours eh babe?

  2. haha i think the pic(s) you see are the ones with good lighting and/or make up :p i really admire people whose faces are like one colour lol. i also want!

    anyhoos i did experience a bit of flaking last week so i slowed down on the BP. i thought abt it and realised it was probably cos i was spreading the treatment in my eye area, when the video already told us not to. lulz. i’ve resumed the BP and consciously avoid the eyes, and the flaking has stopped 😀 the website also says to be super generous with the moisturiser, so that should help control the peeling if any!

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