elly weddings – booked!

pinching magazines

true story. this happened at my earlier apmt at elly weddings where I paid the deposit 🙂 woohoo, that’s decor settled! we’ll be customising the guest tables’ centrepieces ourselves, cos my mum wants to get dry hydrangea flowers and let our relatives take them home after the wedding.

to be honest, i didn’t think I was an Elly Weddings kinda girl. their decor seemed a little too simple with not enough flowers for me. but I was won over by their professionalism and prompt service, something that seems lacking among the smaller players among decor vendors 😡 insyaAllah with the right service attitude and some creative vision, I hope they’ll be able to decorate the space beautifully for my wedding. decor makes up one of the biggest expenditures so it better, better be nice ok!

anyway two pics from earlier this morning, when my mum was helping my niece (who got married today) do her hand bouquet and sireh dara. the thing about me and mobile phone photography is kalau tak apply filter, tak sah! so don’t mind the funky colours, i can’t help it…

Processed with VSCOcam with a1 preset

i don’t really fancy orange, but i must say the shade of the roses was really nice. these are african roses, apparently. pretty!

Processed with VSCOcam with m2 preset

my mum said she was excited to see the small yellow flowers (not the roses but gosh idk the name) cos usually they sell them big. so she decided to try something new by having them spill out… not sure if it works, but ok! think yellow roses go so well with the daun sireh


2 thoughts on “elly weddings – booked!

  1. Yay to Elly! Just remember to keep stalking them and ask them when’s their next deco (thats what I’m doing… sikit anxious cos they’re new so I want to make sure they’re improving wahahhaah) so if its near then you can pop by!

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