5 things I look forward to in married life

here’s my hopelessly romantic — but actually mentel-ness in disguise — list of reasons why I look forward to marrying the ninja groom. in no particular order:

1. being able to hang out till late

for better or worse, even though I’m slightly past my mid-twenties, I still have a midnight curfew. my friends don’t hang out so late, but his do, so sometimes he has to leave their gatherings early so that he can send me home on time-ish (sometimes I push it a bit lah oops!) or I don’t get to join (selit) their late night coffee/supper/card games sessions. boo!

2. travel!

we both love travelling and I super can’t wait to plan trips together, especially spontaneous ones if possible. whether it’s just two of us or with friends, there are so many places to explore.

3. building our own space together

as much as I’ll miss living with my parents, I can’t wait to have a space of my own. after 20++ years of living in this house, it’s grown incredibly, incredibly cluttered by all four of us. so I can’t wait to start building a home with as little belongings as possible (I hope!!). I recently bought a copy of Squarerooms magazine for fun, padahal our BTO only gets completed in 2Q 2016 hurr. excited or what! but actually I get quite stressed also thinking about how the money crunch doesn’t end after the wedding, cos there’s still reno, furniture and appliances to pay for… shriek. NEXT!

4. carving out the wedding kraken + ninja groom lifestyle

a couple of days ago I had to do a corporate shoot in a lovely flat at farrer road. I was very humbled when the homeowner shared with me her reno process, wedding pics, and the kind of things that she and her hubby likes to do. for example, they both love cooking so they rush home after work to compete for the kitchen. so cute! if ninja groom got home first and gets to cook, I might pretend to look sad but actually inside I’ll be throwing confetti. heh heh. but anyways I look forward to falling into a couple routine with the ninja groom and creating a lifestyle that takes joy in doing simple things together, and also makes us happy. insyaAllah!

5. someone to go home to/with

well I wanted to say spend more time together but I realise the refined version is basically to have that someone to go home with, and someone to go home to. saying goodbye at the carpark and later whatsapping good night is getting old! and there are some evenings we don’t get to see each other due to work and outings with friends, and I’d be all drama queen telling him that that 1-2 day break felt like ~forever~ maybe I’ll miss being unmarried, but mostly I feel like I’m ready to move on to the next stage in life.


they say marriage takes hard work so I’m also trying to mentally prepare myself that it’s not going to be fine and dandy all of the time. there’s also a lot of key questions about our preferences and vision that we need to ask each other to better prepare ourselves. nonetheless the above list is enough to keep me wishing that may 2015 would come by already…insyaAllah!

also, I realise that I didn’t mention having kids. oops. not that there are no plans, but the kraken wants to take one step at a time πŸ˜€ first I will terrorise the husband, and then I terrorise the kid(s). peace out!


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