crafting with In Merry Motion

firstly, thoughts and prayers to the families of the crew and passengers onboard MH370 šŸ˜¦ i hope they will find closure soon, insyaAllah. can’t imagine the psychological pain of having your loved ones go missing and not know why or how.


fangirling In Merry Motion

if there’s a local decor company that i adore, it’s got to be In Merry Motion. run by two young-ish girls Joyce and Weiyan, they cleverly call themselves celebration + experience designers. their trademark style is to use lots and lots of sweet and pastel-coloured paper crafts, which give a very warm handmade celebratory feeling to a party. there’s just something about paper crafts that imply effort and a labour of love.

i wish i could have them decorate my wedding, even though their clientele is mostly Chinese weddings. i don’t think it’s impossible to have them design a custom dais and hang paper streamers and pompoms and chalkboard signs all around your wedding space. i did enquire with them but unfortch my mum thought it would be safer to go with a malay company who’s familiar with daises. plus with customisation and beautiful handicrafts come a premium… but i’m sure the end result is worth it.

i wish malay decor vendors could offer more of the paper feel. i did hint/tell elly weddings that i love In Merry Motion’s style, so hopefully they understand my preferences better *bats eyelashes*

pop up workshop #pressplaysg

over the last 2 weekends or so, the girls have been busy organising pop up craft workshops at public libraries. aper lagi, bedal ah! there’s a different theme each week: the first and second weekends they made kueh pinatas(!!!), and this weekend they made happy flags. i managed to catch them at bedok library.


(from InMerryMotion FB) Kueh pinatas, chokute right?!?!

ok so happy flags are basically felt flags with uplifting words that you’re supposed to give to someone. i did think of making one for the ninja groom, but being the guy that he is, he only likes “practical gifts” and i figured it would be embarrassing for him (and eventually, me) to hang up something so mushy in his cupboard right. when i told him that, he said “babe, i don’t even have a cupboard.” oh a’ah eh. the backstory is that his house underwent some major reno end of last year (after 20+ years!), so they’re slowly re-furnishing the house.

Processed with VSCOcam with n3 preset

their cute craft party sign at bedok library

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samples of the happy flags – you could choose your flag colour, shape (pointy, rounded, etc) and your own text

anyhoos back to the workshop, i reached the library at 1.55pm (it started at 2pm) and was #28 on the list. there was limited space and supplies, so i was told that the first batch would probably take about 20-40 mins, and that i should come back after that. kay. so i went to entertain myself with some martha stewart wedding mags and picked a book to borrow. then i went back down cos i didn’t want to miss my turn… the 20-40 mins wait ended up being 60-75 mins. hai! so i just waited lor.

when it was finally my turn, i picked my flag colour and went to the pompom station first. it was so fun! we learnt how to make a pompom from scratch (i.e. yarn). then at the next station, i picked the fabric for my alphabets, and cut them out using the templates they prepared. i shared the station with an indian lady who was working on a “think happy thoughts” flag with her son and daughter, and two chinese ladies who were each helping their daughters. one of the girls was around 3 years old, and she was making a flag that said “best sister forever” for her 1 year old sister. awww! plus it seemed like she could already recognise alphabets. so smart can. it was really nice to be surrounded by these ladies who patiently helped their children… plus the fact that it was an interracial mix showed that craft can really bring people together šŸ™‚

i was so engrossed in the whole process of tracing, cutting, and pasting the alphabets to make my flag that i forgot to take in-the-process pics. and perhaps partly cos i was trying to hurry up so that others could have their turn.

there’s one more pop up workshop happening at Central Library, 15 Mar, 9.30pm-11.30pm. definitely recommended, though you should reach early!

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my final flag. actually i’m a bit paiseh cos it reminds me of pinterestfail. i wanted to arrange the text in a circle but i realise it would have been hard to read. also i was haphazard in tracing out my alphabets, the indian lady and kids did theirs so much nicer!

Processed with VSCOcam with n3 preset

the cute paper bag and gift tag which we could pack the flag in. i super love the home-y feel of paper bags šŸ™‚

poof ball

lastly, my handmade pompom that i’m so the very proud of. in mint green to boot! yay

2 thoughts on “crafting with In Merry Motion

  1. omg so pretty and cutesy i like! Though I suck at crafts cos I feel like my fingers are too fat to grasp anything haha but I like your end product! It’s free right, and where did u get to know of this eh?

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