oh baby baby…fever!

one of the life phases I went through recently is the baby fever. I follow some popular bloggers on instagram who often share cute and heartwarming photos of their kids that often make my ovaries scream. if anyone needs recommendations, see @etst (creative mummy of 3; the middle girl has Down syndrome and is so *adorbs*), @pobke (photographer mum to a Korean-Australian daughter who is too too cute), @xiaxue (hate to admit it but I enjoy reading her blog.. her son dash is growing up so fine!) and @yanakhairuddin (owner of successful Muslimah blogshop CalaQisya, her baby girl is so chubs and cute!)

apart from these celebrity mums so to speak, I also have friends instagramming about their babies… *happy sigh* all these cute baby photos make me wanna have a baby NAO! plus my colleagues tell me to not wait too long before having kids. I used to think people meant this from the medical perspective (cos older women supposedly face higher risks in labour), but I’ve learnt that they also mean it from an energy level perspective. it takes effort to spend quality time with kids and to talk to them patiently, so the older and more lethargic we are, the harder this will be.

but then I want that 1-2 years of couplehood after marriage before having kids. I wanna learn to be a good spouse before trying to be a good mum. I recently came across a quote that said something along the lines of, if you wanna be a good parent, first focus on being a good spouse. I guess a strong marriage is a good foundation for a happy family.

so all this makes me wish I could get married alreadyyy. even tho planning a wedding within a few months means you won’t get choice vendors and may have to skip frills… i’ve seen a relative plan a wedding in 1 mth and it still turned out good. I guess their personal network was power cos they had Kasaisayang do up a mini pelamin and a lovely dessert table by Cake Love Couture. the initial idea was for them to nikah gantung first then sanding later, but it looks like they’re happily married now and are considering skipping the sanding. they must be so over wedding planning already.

i wish the 15 mth countdown to my wedding would end quickly. ex-BTBs say time will pass by quickly but it’s hard to believe when you’re on this side of the marriage fence!


2 thoughts on “oh baby baby…fever!

  1. SO glad I’m not the only one having the baby fever! and it’s not that i desperately want to have a baby asap right?? they’re just so cute! and #hanabelipat is the most adorbs please!!!

    ps: linked you, hope you don’t mind šŸ™‚

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