wedding wednesdays 2: on second thoughts…

alright, after today, i’m going to shelve this wedding wednesdays idea and just let my kraken free/run its course :p it’s been challenging trying to hold back from blogging heh. and anyway, work is getting busy plus i’m managing a freelance project on the side, so naturally my unhealthy wedding obsession is kept in check.

anyhoos, we’ve met 3 photographers already 🙂 i enjoy meeting vendors cos it’s great to meet new people, especially when they’re business owners breaking out of the 9-5 mould. it was a headache trying to arrange the appointments tho. i’m free during after-office hours, but ninja groom often meets clients on weekday nights, and some vendors can’t do weekends. so i’m relieved that we managed to work it out.

ironically when i met the photographers, i didn’t want to talk much about weddings, photography, or wedding photography. ok lah, maybe I did want to talk a little about weddings. but i much preferred to digress and talk about travelling, or cool wedding ideas, or other businesses. while it was useful to learn about their approach to wedding photography and the album options, most of all I wanted to see if our personalities were a good fit and if we liked them.

one of my favourite guide to choosing a wedding photographer is A Practical Wedding’s  HOW TO CHOOSE A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER: PART I. i didn’t really read Parts II and III up till now but i basically like their key message of finding out whether you like the person or not, on top of liking their style and philosophy. well, all 3 photographers were likeable, which is good and bad (cos it doesn’t make choosing easier). hmm. i wish i had asked the photographers we met what are their favourite parts of a wedding, though.

our ideal photographer

when we set out to find our wedding photographer, we wanted someone indie. not sure what that means exactly, but roughly I was looking for someone who focuses on storytelling and makes images that are genuine, raw, fresh. not quite the polished feel of photos. willing to break the mould.

i didn’t know where to find this photographer, and started to get a bit discouraged. started giving up a little and thinking maybe i should just go for a safe choice/value for money. and then one night i was browsing through btb blogs while waiting for the ninja groom to finish a client meeting, and stumbled upon sejoli by apparatus. i wish i remembered which blog it was, so i could say thank you! their images seemed to be exactly the sort we were looking for. we did meet them and had fun chatting (again, my favourite part was learning about their upcoming cafe – !!!) but before we decide furrealz, we asked if we could see a complete wedding by our likely photographer(s). we’re pending their reply on this. we’re also pending a customised quote from ZZ, so we’ll see how it goes…

 the mak pengantin is distressed

my mum tengah susah hati cos pak haji has yet to quote her on catering. his reason is that he has been asked to move his supplies and can only get back in two weeks. meanwhile, she’s fretting about holding on to the other caterer we thought of engaging before my mum tasted pak haji’s food and liked it. she doesn’t feel good about it and she doesn’t want the makcik to turn down other enquiries that fall on our date.

i didn’t know how to help my mum except to suggest she try to negotiate for pak haji to come back sooner. pak haji’s rough quote was that it “won’t exceed $20k” which makes her worried cos $20k is a bit on the excessive side for a void deck kinda caterer, and the alternative is about $2k cheaper, which she said could be used to pay for other things. i did point out that his quote could be lower so don’t worry about it too much yet, although she remained skeptical. then yesterday my sister pointed out that it’s easier to liaise with one vendor (i.e. pak haji) than two vendors (i.e. the makcik caterer + dessert corner provider).

sooo… hopefully pak haji comes back soon and my parents can finalise our caterer. then… it’s time to find a suitable malay band/DJ!


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