hello, Wedding Wednesdays!

it’s Wedding Wednesday!

I thought it would be nice to dedicate my Wednesdays to weddings/wedding preps. although these days it’s like Wedding Everyday lah, but only cos we’re trying to book the major vendors (or some say “heavyweights”).

yesterday the ninja groom looked all miserable (you know the super sad and sian emoji face?) and said he’s sick of weddings. padahal baru start beb. I guess I have been Kraken-ing too much talking about weddings like most of the time. whoops!

my mum and I are making good progress in terms of booking caterer, andaman, decor and photographer. alhamdulilah. after we get the four vendors settled, then perhaps Wedding Wednesdays can become a reality. our wedding is a good 15 months away insyaAllah so I thiiink even my own excitement will die down after a while.

for now I’m blissfully oblivious to the gazillion tasks that lay ahead… better enjoy it!

caterer: it’s Pak Haji’s rezeki

when my mum confirmed with our CC that on-site cooking is allowed, she started considering engaging my aunt’s friend who has cooked for my aunt and our neighbour. reason was cos pak haji doesn’t want to do CC weddings. I was a bit relieved cos I was like yesss I can go find my own decor vendor.

at first she thought nak cancel pak haji’s food tasting sesh, cos don’t want to waste his food. a few days later, there was a change of tide as she and my dad thought nvm, no harm going to try his food, plus dah buat janji.

in spirit of not rocking the boat, I was hoping that his food wouldn’t be super mad delicious… but it turned out that they DID like it. haha, damn. I had a quick taste on Monday night before rushing to my yoga class and the briyani and sinful ayam masak merah stayed on my mind during that 1 hour cos yeah, it was good ah.

so then the question was whether pak haji was ok to do CC, whether we should revert to the void deck, whether pak haji would be ok if we took our own wedding vendor. in the end my dad asked my mum to ask pak haji if we could engage him for food only, at the CC.

and alhamdulilah, after breathing down my mother’s neck for two days (“you dah call pak haji?” “you dah call pak haji?”) she said that pak haji was willing to take it. yay! on CC, he said he would have to do a site recce to calculate the extra logistical costs and on decor, he said most humbly “ini semua ditentukan oleh Allah. kalau bukan rezeki saya, bukan rezeki saya.” awww! there he was so proud of his work when we first met him, but at the end of the day, he submits to Allah’s plans 🙂

andaman: ambushing ishQ

ninja groom and I were kinda supposed to go jogging yesterday, but then he said he had to go to his office at Changi Rd for a while and asked me to teman him. ninja groom helps people discover their inner dreams and overcome their darkest worries while doing what they love. in other words… he’s a financial planner with Great Eastern. hur hur.

so then I thought since I was going there, I might as well pop by ishQ to haunt Nora if she was around. her shop is down the road from the GE building. I even withdrew $500 so I could make a quick deposit. lol. the whole time I was on my way, I was saying “I doubt she will be in lah” to myself. I truly believed it, although on hindsight maybe I was just trying to manage my own expectations.

and…she was in!!! with no clients!!! I peered through her glass window like a crazy woman in that empty basement. haha. she was all like :O :O her next appointment was in 4 minutes but she ushered me to sit down. anyway just so happens the next BTB was lost (guys her office is in eunos and not changi expo k!) so we quickly settled my booking while she waited for the next BTB. yay it worked out nicely! insyaAllah I’ll be wearing 4 outfits, 2 each on Sat/Sun.

disclaimer: I met Nora before back when wedding planning started but I din have a date yet. back then I thought it was ok to do some research. I didn’t realise how long her appointment queue was 😡 so I could kinda pull off the ambushing cos I already knew her packages and we could quickly sign the contract. also I was supposed to meet her in early feb but she was ill so had to postpone. after she returned from her recent vacation, I was waiting for her to reply my msg on rescheduling, which she apparently missed. ambushing is not recommended or guaranteed k! :p

3 short term goals (1-2 weeks)
1. book elly weddings
2. meet 2 photographers this week to get to know them
3. decide and confirm photographer


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