when feeling crappy about wedding planning, go to…

Kahwin Khronicle’s amazing collection of GIFs, and instantly felt better.

anyways i thought about my earlier entry about dreaming up my decor theme, and realise i was being a lil unfair by not mentioning that i did get prompt response from decorama, jentayu gallery, SID events, and anggun wedding services.

of course it’s not a coincidence that they also charge higher than the smaller decor companies. justifiably so, considering their higher level of professionalism and years of experience. these guys seem to have dedicated sales people to help answer the million questions that we btbs tend to have.

following my post on my decor woes and gameplan (which i think is not going to happen already, judging from how it’s hard to even arrange an appointment plus i’m starting to feel more heck-care) i decided to increase my budget so that i could engage at least one of the above, if everything else fails. sooo i do have a pending appointment with jentayu in about a week’s time. insyaAllah if everything with elly weddings goes well within this week, i’m likely to cancel cos no point wasting jentayu’s time. i already told my mum about the wedding theme i discussed with elly weddings, and she’s started spinning off ideas for matching bunga rampais etc. lol. i’m glad my mum is onz.

yesterday i talked to a btb-friend about how some vendors are not responsive, and she  shared that she too has been ignored. i shouldn’t be happy but i’m glad i’m not alone ha ha.

i hate to be the kind of person to breathe down people’s necks but i just can’t wrap my head around this one… why would you open yourself for business only to turn interested people away…?


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