our first wedding exhibition experience – kisah cinta

the ninja groom and i went to our first wedding exhibition of sorts today. it was a high tea hosted by Quality Hotel Marlow and planned by Comel Molek Decor. $25 per couple, so i thought not bad lah. i learnt about it from FB. the only reason why i wanted to go was to see Dessert Artisans so that i could understand their services better and do a bit of food tasting. i figured that no amount of FB or IG or websites or ex-btb reviews can match up to checking out food-related services in real life.


the first thing we realised when we reached the hotel was that we didn’t know where exactly the exhibition was. tetiaow. . .poster fail. we asked the concierge (who in turn asked someone else) and were directed to the Quality Ballroom on level 3. ohhh. say lah.

we arrived right when a tarian showcase was going on. after that the dancers went around finding partners to dance with them. i was hoping hard we wouldn’t get picked (there didn’t seem to be a lot of victims to choose from!), and thankfully they spared us. immediately after that was a lucky draw where they gave out prizes sponsored by the different booths. smart! (ok pardon me, it is my first wedding exhibition after all. . .bet they do this everywhere) i was relieved when the lucky draw ended and the chatty host gave the ballroom some peace.

then we checked out the different booths. the problem – or not, depending on how you look at it – was that we weren’t really that interested in the services because we either already have our hearts set on other vendors (like for photography, photo booth, henna) or decided we don’t really need them (like gubahan, bridal chamber, videography). so i felt a bit bad chatting them up and wasting their time. all the vendors we spoke to were so nice and patient in explaining to us, and it was sayang that we’re just not their target audience.

wedding tier table or candy buffet?

the last booth we visited was the very one we attended the high tea for. Dessert Artisans was promoting their wedding tier table, which is supposed to replace the wedding cake. so it’ll be set up beside your dais, beautifully decorated to match your theme. the part of their concept which i didn’t quite agree with is that it’s a see-no-touch thing. their suggestion is that you can distribute the desserts and goodies to your close family and friends after the event. i’ve not seen it at play but i’m just wondering. . .how do you tell kids and sweet-toothed guests that oops sorry, i know the chocolate looks great but you can’t eat it. . .

nonetheless, i realise nothing’s to stop us if we want to turn the wedding tier table into a candy buffet and let our guests attack it. the only concern is the numbers. . .their wedding tier tables are typically designed for 100 pax, but for a 1,000 pax wedding, that ain’t gonna be enough. i’m thinking maybe 300 pax will do, cos after you multiply the variety (4-5 types) x 300 pax, there’ll be enough for everyone. plus not everyone will go for it. . .i doubt makchicks will fancy macarons and friends.

we left without securing my date because i had to go home to discuss with the parents, who are picking up the food tab :p but at least i got to learn how candy buffets work!

verdict of the event

considering that we didn’t eat full servings of the nasi briyani because we came from a friend’s place where we had lunch + cake, and we didn’t book anything, i don’t think i got a lot out of my $25. but ok lah, it still wasn’t such a bad experience. there’s a first time for everything. at least now we know that wedding exhibitions aren’t really for us since we’re either DIY-ing or doing away with some of the ‘usuals’. also we are quite the cyber stalkers when it comes to vendors, so we pretty much already have our own shortlists and meeting new vendors at exhibitions are unlikely to sway us. plus we still have about 15 months to our wedding, so we’re still relatively relaxed about booking vendors.

decision on dessert table + venue update

after sharing my findings with my mum, we’re not going for a dessert table after all. we will just ask the caterer to provide more cuci mulut, or ask a separate makchick to supply us the desserts. so our dessert corner may not look beautiful, but insyaAllah it’ll feed the guests, which is our intention.

also! venue wise, it has been decided that we’ll have it at our nearest CC. we’ve been back and forth on this one. actually for a long time i wanted a void deck wedding. reason being that i grew up attending and helping out at my older cousins’ void deck weddings, so i also wanted to have my own. and then recently we explored having it at our CC, but caterers seem to have all sorts of extra surcharges and hurdles so we shelved the idea. but even more recently the tekun mum managed to clarify that cooking is allowed, so we’re going ahead, insyaAllah. hope our booking goes smoothly. . .else i’m trying to mentally prepare myself that the back up plan is the void deck, which was the original plan anyway.


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