goal-setting for wedding planning

on the way to work this morning I listened to a video by Marie Forleo and Ned Hallowell on setting clear and defined goals, to help us set our priorities straight so we achieve the things that are very important to us without having to feel so overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks/noise.

so, I thought I would apply it to myself re:wedding planning. the idea is to set three short-term goals every day, three mid-term goals for the next 1-2 weeks, and three long-term goals for the next 6-12 months. and also three lifetime goals.

ok but I’m modifying mine since wedding planning is kinda a side thing on top of my daily life (or at least I try to make it seem that way – I’m not obsessed about my wedding, I’m not! I’m not!)

3 short term goals (1-2 weeks)
1. secure new apmt with ishQ
2. arrange an apmt with Bliss
3. secure apmt with a decorator if we not taking up catering with Pak Haji

3 medium term goals (1-2 months)
1. book photographer + photo booth
2. book mak andam
3. book decorator (if applicable)

3 long term goals (6-12 months)
1. work out our living arrangements after marriage (house ain’t ready till 2Q 2016)
2. tailor sanding outfits in KL and Bandung, and maybe buy accessories (depending on andaman arrangements)
3. start planning honeymoon and sussing out the good deals

no idea how I’m going to keep monitoring these, but hopefully i remember to set goals consistently and that these goals help calm down the Kraken…amin!

p.s. if anyone’s interested in how to prioritise, here’s the video:


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